Kissan (2009)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Crime, Action, Drama
25 %
Total Reviews: 8
Sahi: 2 Nahi: 6

Review Summary: Kisaan is like a tall spiced-up glass of 'lassi' without cream. It's an unabashed celebration of old-fashioned melodrama with dollops of bone-crunching action in the last 30 minutes that leaves us wondering if Manoj Kumar ever imagined that the fight to h

Average Critic Rating: (2.06)
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Plot: Widower farmer, Dayal Singh, based in Palheri in the District of Chandigarh, witnesses the exploitation of farmers at the hands of Zamindars. He decides to send his elder son, Aman, to the city to study and become a lawyer, while his second son, Jiggar, would live with him and assist... Read more

Kissan - Movie Reviews

Puneet Sira had earlier directed that film with the grammatically-challenged title: I...Proud to be an Indian.
Kissan is heart-felt and earnest but it’s too dim-witted to make an impact.
The music has been fitted well into the film with ‘Punjabi Munde’ being the only one worthy of a mention. Kissanhas nothing new to offer although from the promo’s it seemed like one that was going to surprise audiences. The only reasons to watch Kissan is
Bolly Spice
If Indian farmers started looking like Sohail Khan -- six packs in place -- half the country's rural woes would come to an end.
he story is set on the backdrop of a village and here is Dayal Singh (Jackie) who loses his wife and since then takes care of his two kids. They grow up to be of different poles. While Aman (arbaaz) gets into neat education and grows up to be a successful
Bharat Student
You won't get a deja vu of Manoj Kumar's Upkaar when you watch Kisaan. All comparisons to the former fall flat in this tale of an oppressed farmer family seeking revenge from a landlord forcing them to sell their land.
As a whole, the movie is touching and is likely to be popular among rural areas
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