Krishnashtami (2016)

Telugu 2 hrs 19 mins Romance, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.15)
Cast: Dimple Chopade , Nikki Galrani , Sunil Varma Indukuri
Director: Vasu Varma
Release Date: 19 Feb 2016

Plot: Krishna (Sunil) is an NRI who dreams of settling down in India. Whenever he plans a trip to India, something goes wrong and he is asked to stay back by his family. After a point of time, an upset Krishna decides to leave for India without the consent of his Read more

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Yes, the audience doesn't seem to tire of watching the formulaic films but that time is fast approaching when they'll finally snap and shout - 'Enooooouuuugh!'. Krishnashtami hopefully rings the alarm bell.
The Times Of India
Hardly a couple of weeks ago, wall posters of this film started showing up on nooks and corners of the city. While the posters and trailers failed to generate any interest among many, the film will further disinterest those few who were enticed to the theatres.
If you want to develop a good relation with the popcorn vendor inside the theatre, rather than watching the movie sitting in the hall, Krishnashtami is for you.
A Disappointment. Both First half and Second half fails to impress the audience and overall this movie lacks anything that appeals to audience.
A done-to-death formula that has a hero who sleepwalks through his role, a family that is uninteresting, a plot that is stale.
It is sad to see such a lame film from the banner that has offered some memorable movies in the last decade. Sunil's obsession with commercial films isn't going to help him in longer run. He should stick to his strengths rather trying hard to impress as a so called commercial movie star. Despite some funny moments here and there, watching this family entertainer is a painful experience on a whole.
ll in all, this is a true disappointment from Dil Raju and Vasu Varma. They stood far away from what they have promised in pre release promotions. It’s time for Sunil to verify the direction of his career path. Finally, Cinejosh rates Krishnashtami with 2 stars.
By mixing so many stories, Dil Raju made nice decoction of a new story, but actually audiences know every single frame of it. However, some comedy scenes in first half and second half have saved the film to certain extent. But the film's second half would have been better to make it an interesting watch. Living up to the name of a commercial entertainer, the films makes sure that it will make audiences laugh, but will not give any new experience. That's why Dil Raju himself has given 3.25 to 3.5 rating other day.
Movie begins with the design of a game by Sunil and his family deciding to fix his marriage followed by hero introduction bike chase and some heroic dialogues. All fall into place in a formulaic way. Hero making heroine fall for him in just three days seems illogical, unbelievable and also fails to create necessary emotional depth. Villain’s gang searching for hero and trying to kill him runs in background in the same way as we had already seen in many movies. This half ends in half interesting way and creates the necessary excitement to watch second half. Second half starts with Sunil assessing what is what and who is who. He tries his best to know why they tried to kill them. He solve all his problems and goes his home safely. To sum up, movies is just a routine and below average attempt.
The romantic episodes shot in Europe are laughable. Such sloppy scenes come further in the second half especially when the entire cast members of the movie land in Goa to have pleasure and find meaning of life! And Brahmanandam enters here as a Bakra. This must have been written by Kona Venkat, even though he is not credited.