Krrish 3 (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 32 mins Action, Sci-Fi, Romance, Adventure
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Review Summary: KRRISH-3 has the ingredients that make a splendid superhero film besides being Rakesh Roshan's most accomplished...

Average Critic Rating: (2.91)
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Est. Budget: 95.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 260.0 CR

Plot: The plot of the film connects with the predecessor. For more information on the predecessor's plot, see Koi... Mil Gaya and Krrish. Scientist Rohit Mehra lives with his son Krishna 'Krrish' Mehra (both played by Hrithik Roshan ) in Mumbai. Krishna is married to Priya ( Priyanka Chopra ) who... Read more

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Ok, so the third part of the franchise is here.
If there is any worthwhile takeaway from Krrish 3, it is simply this: the titular masked messiah is an ‘idea’ and there is a superhero in each one of us..In Krrish 3, familiarity breeds an easy connect.
Rajeev Masand
Each time evil awakens in the world a superhero rekindles his superpowers. This time Krrish is back with thrice the power to destroy the demonic Kaal and his bastion of beastly mutants.
Times of India
KRRISH-3 has the ingredients that make a splendid superhero film besides being Rakesh Roshan's most accomplished...
Bollywood Hungama
Although the superhero films incepted in the Hollywood way back in the early 50's with 'Superman And The Mole Man', but it was in the late 70's when they started the proper 'Superman' series followed by lots of other superhero films based on comic charact
Movie Zadda
The action is terrific but the special effects range from tacky to impressive.
Hindustan Times 
The action is terrific but the special effects range from tacky to impressive. As do the many villains. I enjoyed Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut but the rest, including Antman and Frogman, have zero personality. The film ultimately belongs to Hrithik Ros
It keeps you entertained and holding your breath because of the sheer absurdity of it all
You could skip it!
Koi Moi
Raja Sen says the only superpower Krrish has is that of boring the audience.
Cast:Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Vivek OberoiDirector:Rakesh RoshanFrom the moment we're first re-introduced to our masked superhero in 'Krrish 3', saving a airplane from an imminent crash in a scene reminiscent of Bryan Singer's 'Sup
Sukanya Verma says Krrish 3 is a outrageous mishmash of Bollywood sentimentality meets E.T. meets Superman meets X-Men with set pieces, sound design and screenplay structure liberally borrowed from Hollywood's imagination. 
A remarkably compelling superhero film
This is not the path-breaking film it could have been but worth a watch for its technical finesse. If nothing else, you will surely come back mesmerised by Ms. Ranaut’s shimmering charms.
Bolly Spice
The film leaves viewers with a hope that there’ll be more installments in this franchise and one of them might turn out to be more appealing
It has the anything-is-possible spirit of a fairy tale!
Bollywood Life
Overall, Krrish 3 is a film that will let you down completely because of some very high expectations. Keeping the festive season in mind and the unanimous craze for this franchise, there would be decent box office collections for this film.
Bollywood 3
Mr Jadoo has wreaked havoc
Mumbai Mirror
Strangely, Rakesh falls far short in providing good music though the background score by Salim-Sulaiman is good
Smash Hits
Krrish 3 is a worthy addition to the franchise.
India Today
eatures of the film worth mentioning are its action sequences and special effects.
India Today
Not really ‘K’ool!
Bollywood Life
Krrish 3 could have been a much better film if it had been a tad more original, says Paloma Sharma.
In recent times, however, the wise Rakesh Roshan felt the need to create a more updated competitor to Batman and Spiderman, and he gave us Krrish (played by his son, naturally).
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Krrish 3 arrives with a huge baggage of expectations but what is a superhero if his mundane life does not include some herculean efforts.
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'कृष 3' दिवाली के मौके पर राकेश रोशन 'कृष 3' लेकर आये हैं। यूं तो हॉलीवुड की साइंस फिक्शन फिल्में ही दर्शकों को लुभाती हैं, उन्हें सुपरमैन, स्पाइडरमैन जैसे कैरेक्टर्स खासे पसंद आते् हैं, मगर अब...
It seems just a few years ago that I almost lauded Rakesh Roshan for creating a totally desi SuperHero – India’s answer to Superman, Batman, Ironman, Spiderman et al. Now I wish I hadn’t been as effusive. Because there can only be two explanations for wha
Planet Bollywood
Just for the impact she leaves on screen, we will gloss over the fact that her love song with Hrithik was totally irrelevant.
India Today
For all those Hrithik and Krrish character’s fans, this movie will be a good experience, if they can put their expectations in limit As this is Diwali time, family audience will not regret watching ‘Krrish 3′ once with their kids
Telugu Mirchi
A formulaic superhero adventure powered by showy visual effects
Bollywood Life
Rakesh Roshan’s third film in the “Krrish” superhero franchise is the film you have been waiting for. It has world-class special effects, some brilliant acting, and a plot so gripping it will keep you entranced for two-and-a-half hours.
Reuters India
After 7 years of fervent anticipation comes the third part of the super successful Krrish trilogy in the form of Krrish 3. This time around the stakes are higher, the amount of money involved is also higher (in fact a lot higher). So what does the most po
Watch it with an open mind and you’ll be pleasantly surpriseD
Aparna MudiSuperheroes rise when the world is in dire straits. If you were to study comic book history, you would realise that the birth of the first superheroes came out of world economy sinking in the 1930s and the World War II. They formed a sort of es
Zee News
Reviewed by Rag Mayur
The third installment of Krrish does sets the bar on India's ability to pull a sci fi super hero on its soil and technically it lives up to its expectations but this desi superhuman circus favours more to the comic con nerds and less to the non sci fi and others.
India Glitz
Passable entertainer, could have been better
Bharat Student
It has a superhero with enough Bollywood trappings if that's how we'd like him to be.
India Today
The movie is released on 1st NovemberThe movie had created a lot of buzz before its release as it is the third offering from the series of ‘Krrish’ moviesStudded with the star casts of Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi, the
Bollywood Mantra
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After all a Bollywood superheroine is not cool, right?
India Today
Krrish 3 scores top marks for the visuals but takes serious beatings in the story and hence ends up disappointing you.
Now Running
A failed circus feat on big screen
Great Andhra
On the whole, Krrish 3 is a box-office bonanza which will write box-office history. It will do outstanding business and will emerge as one of the biggest blockbusters of Indian cinema. In spite of lack of comedy, romance and hit music, it has tremendous r
Komals Reviews
Krrish 3 is absolutely Diwali Damaka!!! Krrish 3 Movie Review was last modified: March 24th, 2014 by Raghu
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