Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It ! (2018)

Hindi 2 hrs 8 mins Drama
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 4
User Score
Total Votes: 5

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Review Summary: 'Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It!' is not worth a visit to the theater. Best skipped

Average Critic Rating: (1.38)
Cast: Deepak Dobriyal , Raima Sen , Parvin Dabas , Gulshan Devaiah , Anurag Arora , Jameel Khan
Director: Remy Kohli
Release Date: 02 Feb 2018

Plot: A man is thrown into a jail cell on suspicion of the murder of a local politician.

Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It ! - Top Reviews

The concept is good: the common man always gets caught in the crossfire between politicians and big money. The execution, plain awful. Common man kills young politician, insists he didn't do it, the cops investigating think he might be telling the truth, and the courtroom melodrama that follows is the film. But so flawed you end up groaning and laughing helplessly.
Manisha Lakhne, Now Running

Kuldip Patwal: I Didn’t Do It ! - All Reviews

कमजोर फिल्म में दीपक डोबरियाल की शानदार एक्टिंग
R.J Alok, Aaj Tak
काफी कमजोर मर्डर मिस्ट्री है 'कुलदीप पटवाल: I Didn't Do It!'
Worry worry, where’s my curry
Vishal Verma, Glam Sham