Leela (2002)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Romance, Drama
25 %
Total Reviews: 4
Sahi: 1 Nahi: 3

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Average Critic Rating: (2.25)
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Plot: Leela is a professor from Bombay. Married to a popular poet, her life has always been prefixed with the title 'Nashaad's wife'. She wins a chance to be sent as a visiting professor to California, where she rediscovers herself, the woman she is, beyond the duties of a wife that... Read more

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Whereas the first NRI films were refreshing change of pace for many Indian film-goers in that they added new depth to the image of Indians living abroad, they were still severely deficient as films. More often than not, their production values were laugha
Planet Bollywood
If you thought Bollywood was the epitome of trite, formulaic cliches, you should see the new breed of NRI filmmakers trying to mix the ethos of mainstream Hindi movies with that of Hollywood.
Leela begins where Dil Chahta Hai ends, literally considering that the common factor in both is Dimple Kapadia as the older woman love interest.