Lingaa (2014)

Hindi 2 hrs 58 mins Comedy
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Total Reviews: 60
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Review Summary: Watch it for the evergreen superstar Rajinikanth. One man show.

Average Critic Rating: (2.88)
Cast: Rajinikanth , Sonakshi Sinha , Jagapathi Babu , Dev Gill , Santhanam , Karunakaran , Brahmanandam , Radha Ravi , Vijayakumar , K Vishwanath , Manobala , Illavarasu
Director: K.S. Ravikumar
Release Date: 12 Dec 2014
Est. Budget: 110.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 158.0 CR

Plot: Lingaa is an upcoming Tamil action thriller film being directed by K. S. Ravikumar, who also scripted the film in collaboration with the film's dialogue writer, Pon Kumaran. The film stars Rajinikanth playing dual role, Jagapati Babu, Anushka Shetty and Sonakshi Sinha in the lead roles. Music is being composed Read more

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It is basically three hours of Rajinikanth doing his thing
Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
Lingaa can get tiresome, especially with the too-long fight scenes, but remains constantly watchable because of the miraculously light way in which Rajinikanth continues to wear his megastardom around him
Raja Sen, REDIFF
'Lingaa' can get tiresome, especially with the too-long fight scenes, but remains constantly watchable
Raja Sen, Sen City

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Lingaa is the intresting story line with the two periods of pre-independence and post-independence
Nani, AP Today
The film was released on 12th December which is the 64th birthday of Rajinikanth and it is pure three hour long entertainment for the Rajini fans
Bollywood Mantra
AP Herald
A soundtrack that shifts from regular to awesome thanks to the last two songs
Vipin, Music Aloud
Lingaa has all the elements that a blockbuster project in the combination of Superstar Rajinikanth and KS Ravikumar would have and some more... Thalaivar fans, don't miss it!!!
Magnum Opus or Magnum oops.. fuss. The Hindi (dubbed) version of superstar’s most awaited avatar in flesh and bones after the ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ motion capture got released today and sadly even for his Hindi speaking fans ‘Lingaa’ is a badly dubbed disappointing super mess.. a waste of enormous resources and the big screen magician called Rajinikanth.
India Glitz
But above all it’s Rajinikanth who shines throughout. It would be the best treat for his fans on his birthday as the celebrations will continue till the movie remains in theatres and we know it’s going to be for long
India TV News
A typical Rajini flick you are bound to enjoy
Raisa Nasreen, BookMyShow
A perfect Thalaivar Dharisanam for die hard fans of RajiniKanth beyond that have less expectations!! It's merely a one man show
Cinema Talkie
“All the Rajini fans, don’t miss the change, do the Linga dance.. Linga Dance Linga Dance Linga dance…"
Koi Moi
K S Ravikumar’s Lingaa works only because of the charisma and enigmatic screen presence of the Superstar
S Saraswathi, REDIFF
Great Andhra
This sure isn’t one of Rajini’s best but by all means one can safely bet on the 'Rajinikanth’ factor to carry it to Box-office success
Lingaa [Rajinikanth] is a small time thief and robs for his daily needs. One day Lingaa comes across with Lakshmi [Anushka], a journalist. She asks him to inaugurate a temple which was built by his grand father. However, Lingaa isn't interested about the temple nor about his family as because of the financial reasons
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Happy birthday Thalaiva! Today, as Rajinikanth turns 64, he adds one more feather to his cap, with 'Lingaa'. Start to finish, 'Linga' took less than a year in making, and the film has launched amidst all the hype. A magnum opus in its truest sense, the film has the crew of best of class, style, actors and artists on board. So what is the ambitious project about?
India Glitz
Rajinikanth has been maintaining flat climax from the past and the same has been continued for this venture too
Watch Lingaa for its technical brilliance and KS Ravikumar's intriguing narration. If you are a Rajinikanth's fan then watch it again solitarily for the Indian Film Personality of the year
Avinash Gopinath, Filmi Beat
Gone wrong in Many Ways.
It is a pleasant time-pass entertainment
Uma Sudhir, NDTV
This Friday, you have two movies hitting the theatres- first is Linga the RajniKanth’s starrer movie, while the other is Main or Mr. Right. ... Continue Reading
Just Bollywood
Rahman has delivered an accessible, youthful soundtrack in 'Lingaa
Surendhar MK, Only Kollywood
Definitely this is a big treat to the audience. A worth to watch the movie in theater
Cine Café Now
'Lingaa' stands majestic just like Lingeswaran’s dam
N Nirmal, Tamil Cinema 24
'Lingaa' is made for the fans and definitely it would entertain Rajininakth fans, for others watch it with low expectations
Haricharan Pudipeddi, Now Running
Rajinikanth's mesmerizing energy let down by writing. But give it your time for Superstar's non-diminishing charisma.
Behind Woods
To quote the film, "Hey Lingaa, let's jinga-ling."
Deepanjana Pal, First Post
It's Rajini all the way and reminds you of his authoritative movies like Padyappa and Arunachalam. The style we mean. For a true blue Rajini fan, this is not to be missed.
Wood Times
Watch 'Lingaa' for Rajinikanth's magic in dual role and as a patriot King Raja Lingeswaran
Veena, Filmi Beat
But with the magnificent entry of Rajinikanth, and with all the wolf whistles, hooting and hysteria amongst the viewers, in themovie theatre,  all my doubts were put to rest. Damn, this man has still got it!
Subramanian Harikumar, Bollywood Life
With him on board, there’s going to be little trouble getting the best supporting actors, the best technicians – heck, you can hire the wizards who choreograph the stunts for the Bond movies. And his films have become biennial events, if that – Lingaa marks h
branjan, BaradwajRangan
‘முத்து’, ‘படையப்பா’வைப்போல் தலைவர் இதிலும் அதகளம் பண்ணியிருப்பார் என்ற எதிர்பார்ப்போடு ‘லிங்கா’விற்கு வரவேண்டாம். ஏனென்றால் இந்த ‘லிங்கா’வின் கதைக்களம் வழக்கமான ரவிகுமார் படங்களிலிருந்து கொஞ்சம் வித்தியாசமானது. அதோடு ரஜினியின் உடல்நிலையும் 15 வருடங்களுக்கு முன்பிருந்ததைப்போல் இப்போது கிடையாது என்பதையும் புரிந்துகொள்ள வேண்டும். ஆனாலும்... ‘ராஜா லிங்கேஸ்வரனு’க்காக நிச்சயம் ஒரு ‘விசிட்’ அடிக்கலாம்.
Top 10 Cinema
The wafer-thin script is a letdown, but delivers the usual Rajinikanth experience — on his 64th birthday,
Gulf News
This is a Rajini film, we expect punch in the scenes but strangely, the film lacks energy
M Suganth, The Times of India
'Lingaa' is made for the fans and definitely it would entertain Rajininakth fans, for others watch it with low expectations
Kannan Mani, Now Running
'Lingaa' will disappoint fans as well as family crowds alike
S Mahesh Koneru, Releaseday
An expensive film that sees Rajani playing two contrasting roles, but not doing two dissimilar acts.
India Glitz
That’s the power of Superstar Rajini.
Latha Srinivasan, First Post
लिंगा तमिल और तेलुगु में ही अभी रिलीज हुई है। लिहाजा हमें भी फिल्म तमिल में ही देखनी पड़ी, बावजूद भाषाई बंधन फिल्म की खूबसूरती और कहानी के बीच आड़े नहीं आते। लिंगा रजनीकांत की बाकी फिल्मों की ही तरह परदे पर उनके लार्जर दैन लाइफ कैरेक्टर को ही पेश...
Rajinikanth has been maintaining flat climax from the past and the same has been continued for this venture too.
Telugu Mirchi
A quintessential K.S.Ravikumar film which has its fair share of Rajinisms
Kaushik.L.M, LMK Movie Maniac
The difference between the two periods is shown clearly by him. AR Rahman's music is excellent and enhances the beauty of the script.
Rajinikanth’s double role magic leaves you spell bound!
Bollywood Life
Superstar Rajinikanth makes his comeback with Lingaa after the blockbuster Robot in 2010. Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha makes her south debut with this action drama. Directed by K.S.Ravi Kumar, this film also features Anushka Shetty and has hit the screens. let’s see how it turns out to be.
Avad, Bollywood 3
Shocker from KSR, screenplay becomes villan & kills @superstarrajini s top notch performance!
Prashanth, Tamil Cinema Review
Rajnikanth movies are known for creating magic on screen with nice story and punch dialogues. Though the intention is to create a good content, the magic in Lingaa is missing. Plus points of the film are Rajinikanth, dialogues and characterization of Lingeswara Rao (pre-independence). The screenplay is uninteresting and direction should have been better. On a whole, Lingaa is for fans!
Idle Brain
The Superstar turns 64 today, and his fans get a double birthday treat with Lingaa, says Saisuresh Sivaswamy.At almost three hours Lingaa is perhaps a tad too long, but the producer and director’s compulsions are understandable
The Oscar winning composer has delivered yet another mouth watering album
Subramanian Harikumar, Bollywood Life
'Lingaa' is worth the watch for Rajinikanth but falls midway between being a gripping social drama and a full throttle entertainer
But hey, given all the action packed sequences accorded to the actor known for his kicks and punches, one can't complain much for this piece of masala entertainment, at the least Lingaa will go well with the ardent fans of Rajinikanth.
Anupama Subramanian, Deccan Chronicle
Lingaa lacks the flavour
Anuj Kumar, The Hindu
Santhanam remains the hero's (Lingaa) sidekick, portraying the same character for the zillionth time. But, yes, Radha Ravi (whose father, MR, Radha, was a great screen villain) in a small role - as the father of Sinha's Bharathi - caught one's eye.
Gautaman Bhaskaran, Hindustan Times
The period portions are lit well and shot in a grand manner
Movie Crow Editorial, Movie Crow
Lingaa is total paisa vasool for Rajinikanth fansLingaa by KS Ravikumar claims to star Rajinikanth in a double role
TS Sudhir, India Today
A waste of enormous resources and the big screen magician called Rajinikanth.
Vishal Verma, India Glitz
Linga is a treat for die hard Rajini fans
Raisa Nasreen, BookMyShow
'Lingaa' has an unexciting story line with less elements of thriller
M K Surendhar, Only Kollywood