Lion (2015)

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Lion - Movie Reviews

In one word, magnificent
Lion roars because of a magical child
Lion roars because of a magical child
Subtle Message backed by Balakrishna’s incredible performance
Just Bollywood
Being a debut director, Satyadeva has done an average job, but he was successful in showing Balayya's heroism completely and entertain his fans. His narration, especially in the second half lacks clarity and might make the audience confused.
However, the suspension of disbelief we invest in the movie might be worth it
Interval episode is interesting. Second half has many episodes that exhilarate fans. Lion is a film that completely revolves around Balakrishna and depends on his performance. A good screenplay and right buildups (elevating emotions while building up to the key scenes) would have done a world of good to the cinema. On a whole, Lion is NBK’s show!
Director’s inexperience dominates
The Hindu
He should have paid attention to the lack of action in the first half till the interval block. The story has many loopholes and the entire first half drags with irritating scenes. Only interval block saved it and when viewers expected powerful second half, songs come from no where and pulls back the tempo.
Like many Telugu commercial films, this movie too has its share of flaws as newcomer filmmaker fail to fill all the loopholes in the script. Few logics fall flat. But the end result is better than Balayya's previous films.
Good to watch if you wish to see an emotional entertainer. CBI officers must watch this film – May get inspired!
Koi Moi
Lion is poor in content, visual and music made very much like an amateurish product. Natasimha Balakrishna has clearly blundered in giving away the responsibility of directing a mass entertainer to director Satyadeva who doesn’t seem to exscind for the task. Lion has its fanzy moments, but you get the feeling that the Telugu audience have been taken for granted by the makers here. It is hard not to be thwarted by this one!
Unsurprisingly, the leading ladies Trisha and Radhika Apte were dedicated for the song and dance. Dressed in a multi-colored shirt, the pot-bellied bloated Balayya’s arms a are pulled from two sides by these two women, fighting for him Eena Maa Aayana…..Kaadu eena maa aayana. That reminds of Balayya in his good old days of Bangaru Bullodu, where Ravena and Ramya quarrel over a chubby Balayya followed by a song. In such scenes, ‘chubby’ is cute and convincing whereas’ bloated’ is awful and implausible.
The movie takes off on a mysterious note, but a roller coaster with Ali and Posani comedy in the first half, followed by conveniently forced interval, which is not a bang for sure. Second Half is racy enough with unwanted songs. Finally, last 15mins are savior.
Lion is a perfect mass entertainer for this summer. It’s a treat for Nandamuri fans and other can watch it one time.
Lion has its share of highs and lows, in fact a plenty of flaws, but what makes it a watchable movie is Balakrishna and his power packed characterization. If you are a huge fan of mass masala flicks and don't give a damn for logic and quality, then here is an out and out action entertainer for you. Go watch Lion.
Lion is a film which Balayya will repent doing and giving a chance to amateur director like Satyadeva. Except for a very few fanzy moments, the films is a complete let down. Give it a try only if you do not want to miss the film!
'Lion' is a mass entertainer that will keep fans happy. This is a different attempt from Balakrishna and his efforts are commendable. A superb interval block and high voltage scenes in the second half are assets. However, a poor first half drags the film down. For the average movie lover, this film will seem like an ok watch
die-hard fans of Balakrishna might still want to give the film a try, others must think twice before walking into the theatres.
Lion has its share of highs and lows, in fact a plenty of flaws, but what makes it a watchable movie is Balakrishna and his power packed characterization. Lion has its fanzy moments, but you get the feeling that the Telugu audience have been taken for granted by the makers here. Go watch Lion for Lion Balakrishna.
Strictly For The Masses!
AP Today
Balayya’s “LION” is a feast to the Nandamuri fans in particular Balakrishna’s electrifying performance makes the film a watchable film
Telugu Mirchi
On the whole, Lion is a complete Balakrishna film right from the word go. His power packed performance is the major asset and will go well with the masses. On the flip side, lack of proper handling of the subject and a predictable second half makes this film just an ok watch. Watch it only for Balayya.
This is a complete mass entertainer and Balakrishna’s looks ,action and dialogue delivery are to the liking’s of Nandamuri fans.This looks like an above average movie.
Business Of Tollywood
Overall, the film is a typical clichéd mass flick with nothing new to rave about
Telugu Cinema
Music Director Mani Sharma is the technician who deserves big applause and wide appreciations for his enormous re recording which stood as highlight of the movie. Also his songs with mass beats are entertaining mass audience and especially NBK fans in theatres and making them step out of their seats and dance to the beats.