Lottery (2009)

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Review Summary: On the whole this lottery ticket is best avoided!

Average Critic Rating: (2.00)
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Plot: The film follows Kevin Carson ( Bow Wow ), a young man living in the projects with his grandmother (Loretta Devine). Kevin dreams of one day designing his own sneaker line, but currently works at Foot Locker. His dreams are supported by two of his best friends: Benny ( Brandon... Read more

Lottery - Movie Reviews

On the whole this lottery ticket is best avoided!
Bollywood Hungama
[an error occurred while processing this directive]Besides, Lottery is meant to be the launch pad of singer Abhijeet Sawant. The sad news is, Abhijeet has chosen the wrong script to launch himself as an actor.Rohit [Abhijeet Sawant] is an accountant worki
This nightmare will leave you either numb or very, very angry. You choose — if you insist. We have to confess we escaped before the interval.
Hindustan Times 
Bharat Student