Love Games (2016)

Hindi Drama, Thriller
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Total Reviews: 21
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Review Summary: Love Games is erotic all right, but the movie has no depth. Best skipped!

Average Critic Rating: (2.00)
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Est. Budget: 14.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 4.0 CR

Love Games - Movie Reviews

So on an overall basis, ‘Love Games’ will disappoint the mass audience who will be watching this movie for titillating factor or in order to see some skin show. But for all those who love the Bhatt’s type of erotic thrillers, it’s an interesting and engaging watch, where the movie intrigues you at every rolled dice.
Cine Markets
If you've seen films like the exquisite Dangerous Liaisons and the more mainstream Cruel Intentions, you'll find a striking resemblance with our film here
Bye bye, two hours, which will never come back
Indian Express
The oohs and aahs are limited to the pain of watching the film
The Times of India
Love Games is a Vishesh Films offering. So it does not lack surface gloss. But it simply isn't enough to hide its lack of depth. Best avoided.
There is death, and destruction of a premise that could have been a wonderful thriller if only the whole movie had been handled with a little more finesse.
Now Running
Love Games' is a huge disappointment for all those who are expecting non-stop sex and skin show
India Glitz
'Love Games', audio is surprisingly good, and should blend in seamlessly with the taught proceedings
Glam Sham
It won'€™t make any difference if you call 'Love Games', Hate Story 4
Hindustan Times
If you love games, stay away, after watching this one, you wouldn't come close to even board games
The movie fails to satisfy the thrill of sensuality as well as the romance
कन्फ्यूजिंग खेल है 'लव गेम्स
Aaj Tak
So, the question arises: Will you partake in Love Games? Play it at your own risk.
An erotically charged version of Crime Patrol!
Love Games is a game you would like to be involved in as it is a treat for erotica lovers.
Bollywood Hungama
एंटरटेनिंग नहीं है ये 'Love Games
Watch Love Games only if you have nothing to do this weekend
Watch it for titillation if you do not have access to youtube
Box Office Capsule
Whoever succeeds in getting physical with the new partner is the winner.
Watch it if you found Bhatt'€™s previous films entertaining
It has to be admitted that the music of 'Love Games', is different from what is being churned out in the current times
Bollywood Hungama