Love Story 2050 (2008)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama, Musical, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy
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Review Summary: LOVE STORY 2050 rests on a thin plot and that would curtail its reach to a major extent. Disappointing!

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Plot: Karan Malhotra ( Harman Baweja ) is a spirited and happy-go-lucky boy who does not follow the rules. Sana ( Priyanka Chopra ) is the opposite of Karan: a sweet and shy girl who lives life by the rules. Even though they are completely opposite, they fall in love, leading... Read more

Love Story 2050 - Movie Reviews

Admittedly you do weep buckets-`n’-tubs because you see so much wasteful expenditure and so many junior artistes flashing silver-gold mascara. And you cry also because you want to coin a positive word or two for debutant Harman Baweja. Well.. umm.. uh.. h
Hindustan Times 
Because Harman drives this star-vehicle the same way his character drives his father's MG roadster: from zero to write-off in under ten seconds.
LOVE STORY 2050 rests on a thin plot and that would curtail its reach to a major extent. Disappointing!
Bollywood Hungama
This sci-fi love story is merely a long, boring, silly and expensive excuse to find a new superstar.
ut a sci-fi flick like Love Story 2050 asks for something radically innovative and decidedly eccentric, which the music director fails to deliver.
Why do films that rely heavily on the visual aspect inevitably lose out on the soul?
Love Story 2050 has elicited tremendous response for varied reasons:
ogy with love, the story is about Karan (Harman) who is a happy go lucky guy and believes in living life according to his own rules,that makes him a brave and dynamic young man. On the other hand, there is Sana (Priyanka) who is a complete contrast, she i
Bharat Student
Next time around, don't try to concoct a love story in a sci-fi setting. Watching Love Story 2050 is like watching the famous balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet performed on the Starship Enterprise.
Movie Review : Love Story 2050Director : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Harry Baweja  Anu Malik, Harry Baweja  Javed Akhtar  Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Archana Puran Singh, Harsh VasishtLove Story 2050 Movie Review July 4, 2008 8:04:51 PM IS
Glam Sham
Harman Baweja finally makes his much-awaited debut in a lavish 50 – 55 crore movie titled Love Story 2050! Directed by Harry Baweja, his father, of Qayamat fame (the Ajay Devgan movie that released in 2003). Since Qayamat, Harry has been busy working on L
Love Story 2050 lacks entertainment. The movie being more than 3 hours long is also a negative.
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Love Story 2050, touted as science fiction love story, gives a glimpse of life and love...
This is actually a far better film than its genre and lavish budget would suggest
We wonder if Priyanka Chopra would be able to shoulder the movie on her own weighty performance
Smash Hits
The promising part is that Harman has the potential to reach great heights if he brushes up on his speech and ties up a few loose ends. For Priyanka, you have to admire her for taking a risk but unfortunately this will hardly be a career milestone. Withou
Bolly Spice
Being made on a lavish budget of more than 40 crore, the film travels back and forth in timeThe music of Love Story 2050 has been composed by ace music composer Anu MalikA swanky-looking Priyanka Chopra in red hair, Harman Baweja's chiseled looks are maki
Bollywood Mantra
The story starts in Present Day (Mumbai): a rich industrialist’s son, Karan (Harman Baweja), is very carefree. He falls in love with the shy and sweet Sana (Priyanka Chopra) and sings a few songs. Sana meets Karan’s family, including his Uncle Ya (Boman I
Planet Bollywood
* One, its one-of-its-kind sci-fi fare, with a big chunk of footage devoted to VFX. * Two, the pre-release hype, the frenzy in the media, the various tie-ups/endorsements has kept LOVE STORY 2050 constantly in news. * Three, LOVE STORY 2050 marks the debu
In the past few weeks, music stands have seen the arrival of quite a few albums which have Anu Malik credited as composer.
First time ever in Hindi cinema a love story has been made totally based on sci-fiHarry Baweja has left no stone unturned to construct the launching pad of his son Harman BawejaAll modern techniques have been implicated to make the film a full three hours
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