Maatr (2017)

Hindi Thriller
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Review Summary: Raveena Tandon shines in 'Maatr'. The rest of the film is over dramatized boredom

Average Critic Rating: (2.22)
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Est. Budget: 10.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 2.4 CR

Plot: Maatr - The Film is an upcoming Indian revenge thriller film written by Michael Pellico and directed by Ashtar Sayed. Michael Pellico is the executive producer under the banner CDB Musical. It features Raveena Tandon in the lead role alongside Madhur Mittal, Divya Jagdale, Shailender Goyal, Anurag Arora, Saheem Khan... Read more

Maatr - Movie Reviews

All the intensity that Raveena Tandon brings to bear upon this outing is completely misdirected
It's never easy to disguise a garbage dump.
In a performance marked by amazing maturity and restraint, the actress conveys the dark, brooding and internal process of recuperating from grief and finding closure. It's obvious she feels strongly about Maatr's theme and her sturdy ambition is the only thing that holds your interest even when the film does not
Maatr is a predictable revenge story that completely ignores the trauma and social stigma that is usually attached to rape victims regardless of their social class. The subject is handled so ham-handedly, you cringe at the mistakes and wish they'd stop making rape an easy subject.
Now Running
This Raveena Tandon film is jaw-droppingly horrifying
Indian Express
Vidya’s daughter dies soon after the gang rape but Vidya survives.
Raveena's film is a drama with too many blows but little depth
India Today
An unconvincing, tacky pretender on womanhood
Glam Sham
A Rape Revenge Drama Which Offers Nothing New
Box Office Capsule
Maatr Doesn’t Wow You Because Of The Story’s Repetitive Nature
Koi Moi
Raveena Tandon champions this hard-hitting but melodramatic film
First Post
बेटी के गैंगरेप और मां के बदले की कहानी है 'मातृ'
A Feeble Attempt To Seek Justice But Raveena Tandon Shines In This Revenge Film!
Filmi Beat
Raveena is sincere as the victim who sullies her hands to get justice. But, the amount of bloodshed, leaves you asking, what is worse. Are the images of rape gorier, or is the bloodshed of the perpetrators of the crime, grosser?
Times of India
The second half of “Maatr” follows a predictable pattern, and neither the methods of revenge nor their results are new.
Raveena Tandon alone couldn’t save a weak storyline
Hindustan Times
Raveena Tandon’s comeback film is watchable thanks to her hard-hitting performance
Maatr' is a tale of a wounded mother narrated in a stylish manner catering to all those who love escapist cinema.
India Glitz
मां के संघर्ष को दिलचस्प तरीके से सामने रखती है मातृ
Aaj Tak
Raveena Tandon pumps in so much life into the film that it is her performance that steals the show.
Deccan Chronicle
The plot is hokum, but there is style to spare.
A raw and powerful tale that is crisply told
Economic Times
Raveena Tandon’s voyage of revenge fails to create right impact
Bollywood Bubble
This may not be as edgy or dark as NH10, but packs in the same amount of trauma.
Pune Mirror
Raveena Tandon Starrter Disappoints on Every Level