Maaya (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 1 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.64)
Cast: Avanthika Mohan , Harshvardhan Rane , Sushma Raj
Director: Neelakanta Reddy
Release Date: 01 Aug 2014

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Maaya - All Reviews

While the film doesn't fall under the category of run-of-the-mill commercial entertainers, it feels strangely familiar. The attempt is sincere, although it has its highs and lows and the good part is, the film achieves what it sets out to do. If only, the stakes were high enough, this film could have been so much better.
The Times Of India
Finally, Maya is a novel subject to Telugu audience. The director managed to keep it interesting and racing towards the end despite the initial lag. It can be easily a one time watch over this weekend provided you are not looking for some routine pot boilers with commercial elements.
Overall, ‘Maaya’ is a brilliant opportunity for Neelakanta to show his touch apart. Per contra, he could have kept a far better output if the subject is closed in crispy time. Lengthy runtime and unwanted scenes languidly scrubbed the very ESP essence of ‘Maaya’ making it into a simple triangular romance. So, this is less of ESP and more of love story kind.
Climax Clicks Well!
Given the title and the publicity, many would have expected so much from the character played by Avantika Mishra, but the character stops exciting us after a point. The actress looks too placid for a role of this kind. Just because she is playing a journo, does that mean that the dubbing artiste (whose voice is a throwback to the kind seen in dubbed movies in the 1990s) has to sound more than her age? Two activist-like personalities taking up same issues, opposing all power projects from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is not a surprise, but for the hero their likeness is like the similarities that Karl Marx and Engels had in them!
Harshavardhan Rane who is yet to prove his mettle, seems like got a break through with film. He has two shades in his roles and Harshavardhan excelled in both with decent performance. Avantika Mishra is good as psychic disorder person. Debutants' generally make skin show, but Avantika a did a meaty role which showed her skills of acting.
Maaya is purely Neelakanta’s Maaya. Do watch this film for its gripping screenplay in the second half and dont miss this thriller and it is a worthy watch.
Overall, Maaya is good suspense thriller that deals with a unique concept. If you do not mind watching dragging narration in the first half, you will enjoy the second half very much. Especially, the climax is brilliant
Neelakantha who made thought provoking films came to entertain with another thriller touching extra sensory perception or sixth sense. However slow pace of the film robbed viewers of the so called thrill factor.His direction and screenplay is pretty ordinary and had the film got the pace and included twists and turns, it would created some interest in viewers.Those who watch Hollywood films will find nothing in the film.
Maaya is an exciting experiment in Tollywood and will definitely go well the audience who like suspense thriller. A little more effort in the first half could have made it more effective but nevertheless it lives up to the promise and expectations usually created by a small film. Give it a try!
Maaya is An Unique and Daring Attempt of Neelkanta its good for one Time Watch you can Excuse minor mistakes Main Highlight is climax so dont miss it Go with zero Expectations and Enjoy the Movie
Maaya is a sincere effort on giving something worthy and new to the audience. Although it takes time for Telugu audience to appreciate such ideas, it is nevertheless great for a single watch.
A pseudoexperiment.
India Glitz
Maaya movie is one time watcher… MAAYA MOVIE TRAILER: Also Read: Maaya Title Song Promo Maaya Movie Review & Rating was last modified: August 1st, 2014 by Raghu
I Luv Cinema
The film runs on the lines of extra sensory perception and one can sense the crux being part of a Bollywood film ‘100 Days’ starring Madhuri Dixit. Still, the director has brought in his prowess to weave a smooth start to finish line.
Maaya has its moments and had immense potential, which unfortunately hasn’t been tapped into. Avantika is beautiful, expressive and tries her best to pull off a role that calls for an experienced actress. Her styling, though impeccable, lets her character down in a few sequences. A television reporter, when out on work, needn’t always be perfectly turned out with manicured nails and not a strand of hair out of place.
The Hindu
oday, an average Telugu viewer is quite aware of various genres of cinema and has unlimited access to films in different languages on the Internet. Despite loving their commercial entertainers, they are also looking for that special something that would set a film apart. Maaya does have something different, but is late by nearly two decades.
Meghana [Avantika Mishra] is a host of a television program but she suffers with a unique psychic disorder called Extra Sensory Perception where she can foresee all fatal incidents which might happen in future. She experiences this right from her childhood in the form of her mother's death. Moving, Meghana gets to work with fashion designer Siddharth Varma [Harshavardhan Rane] and eventually both fall in love. Just when Meghana decides to express her love to Siddharth, she foresees that he is already engaged to her childhood friend Pooja [Sushma Raj]. What will happen next ? Who is Siddharth forms the entire crux of the film
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Director Neelakanth tried to do magic with twists. One has to bear the full length to experience these twists. It’s a good relief for audience who are longing for. Out of routine applaudable flick.
On the whole, Neelakanta does not create much magic with ‘Maaya’. Except for the opening scene, climax and few thrilling moments, there is not much in the movie. It lacks the essential rush which is must for a thriller, and will be only liked by the multiplex audience.
The lead actor being born with ESP, knowing future happenings do sound good but the character doesn’t make thrilling after some point since the director made it restricted to limited scenes. The half baked script with slow paced first-half makes it. The movie picks up pace only in the last 20 minutes and Sushma Raj has done good job in the climax scenes.