Madras Cafe (2013)

Hindi 2 hrs 10 mins Thriller
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Review Summary: MADRAS CAFE is an earnest and honest effort a terrific thriller with several poignant moments and episodes...

Average Critic Rating: (3.28)
Cast: John Abraham , Nargis Fakhri , Raashi Khanna , Siddhartha Basu , Prakash Belawadi , Ajay Ratnam , Sanjay Gurbaxani , Kannan Arunachalam , Piyush Pandey , Arijit Dutta , Dibang , Aayam Mehta , Dinesh Nair , Nissar Allana , Banvari Taneja , Mark Englert , Stephen Fahl , Tarun Bali , Gaurav U.K. Sharma , Tushar Jain , Udayabhanu Maheshwaran , Parmeshwar , P.Y. Jose , Ajay Nataraj , Johnson Manjali , Balachandran Puranattukara , Hima Singh , C. Suresh Kumar , Rajeev K. Panday
Director: Shoojit Sircar
Release Date: 23 Aug 2013
Est. Box Office Collection: 43.7 CR

Plot: As per John Abraham, ' Madras Cafe brings us closer to what changed the political history of India.' [ 15 ] The film, set in India and Sri Lanka, is a political spy thriller with the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war. [ 8 ] Major Vikram Singh (John Read more

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A comfort zone for John Abrahamwhere he can show off his physical prowess
Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
Cast:John Abraham, Nargis FakhriDirector:Shoojit SircarUnlike in the West, it's hard to make films on real-life historical events in India. Political pressures and sensitive groups invariably throw a spanner in the works. Which is why it's commendable wha
Rajeev Masand, IBN 
Madras Café is flawed but ambitious and brave. I recommend you make time for it.
Anupama Chopra, Hindustan Times 
Madras Cafe’ is an engaging tale. Commendable mostly because Shoojit Sircar manages to weave an interesting plot and well-executed conflict stories are a rarity in Bollywood.
Rummana Ahmed, Yahoo India
MADRAS CAFE is an earnest and honest effort a terrific thriller with several poignant moments and episodes...
Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama
I have always mentioned that to make a thriller film is one of the toughest jobs to do. Everything about these films its script, screenplay, performances, theories, direction, etc has to be perfectly placed. There are many sub-genres in this category and
Divya Solgama, Movie Zadda
Watch this one as it takes you back to a horrid chapter of our political history and makes you think
Everything’s complicated in this cafe, and unnecessarily so.
Sonia Chopra, SIFY
Madras Cafe is not your average Bollywood thriller. It crackles with genuine energy and is marked by true empathy for humanity. It is an unqualified triumph.
A spy thriller that falls short
Rachit Gupta, FilmFare
Watching Madras Café is both frustrating and satisfying. The thriller, set against the backdrop of the Sri Lankan civil war, is, in equal parts, muddled and moving. There are sequences of power and eloquence.
Anupama Chopra,
‘Madras Cafe’ undoubtedly makes for an engrossing watch, a little more attention to detail and the film would have been brilliant
Rummana Ahmed, Yahoo India
Rajeev Masand, Rajeev Masand
Worth a watch!
Mohar Basu, Koi Moi

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After tickling our fertility (read funny) bones with a remarkably mirthful and respectfully entertaining Vicky Donor, Shoojit Sircar and John Abraham along with Ronnie Lahiri in association with Viacom 18 cross the border of btown political thrillers, war films, anti war films to give us a stark, gripping and haunting requiem to those chapters in Indian Army and politics during the Sri Lankan civil war struggle.
India Glitz
Intense and gripping with good insight, watch it!
Bharat Student
The brave plot orbs around a conspiracy that connects the assassination of a pacifist ex-Prime Minister to the dirtywork of giant corporations and foreign agencies, who are out to undercut the subcontinent
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
One such latest example is Shoojit Sircar''s new movie Madras Cafe, a devastating drama of war violence conspiracy and betrayal. The film is a very brave, honest and genuine attempt and has been mired in controversies for its striking resemblance to real
Nabanita, OneIndia
Shoojit Sircar redeemed himself after the failure of his first film with the commercially and critically acclaimed hit Vicky Donor. Vicky Donor was a light, frothy film about the life of a sperm donor. Madras Café by the looks of the trailer seemed as dia
मद्रास कैफ़े निश्चित ही यह फिल्‍म एक फिक्‍शन है, लेकिन इसके बावजूद सचमुच में इसका मजा लेने का इकलौता तरीका यही है कि इसे हकीकत की तरह देखा जाए। इसे हमारे मौजूदा दौर की उन जरूरी, लेकिन दुर्भाग्‍यपूर्ण...
Madras Cafe is yet another movie which deserves accolades for being courageous in focussing on an issue which affected the country, but never really belonged to our territory and people.
Abhishek Bhardwaj, Rate Movies Here
Theater owners have refused to screen the film fearing violence
K N Gupta, Smash Hits
The first half appears to be a preparation for the second, and so appears a bit dragging even with a fast pace but once crossing that hurdle entertains you with its intensity.
Mohammad Farooq, Rate Movies Here
The reason Madras Cafe works is because it does a magnificent job of delivering a true story with great conviction, which has the power to evoke historically moving memories for those aware of the Sri Lankan calamities. There is nothing overdone about it
Kiran Devgun, Bolly Spice
As I told earlier that this was a political based action thriller movie
Sourabh Sharma, Fail Success
Comrade-in-arms director Shoojit Sicar’s get a thumbs-up for fantastic direction, proving that Vicky Donor was no fluke.
Deepti Kanojia, Rate Movies Here
Attached to Madras Cafe are the trailers of Zanjeer, Boss, and Phata Poster Nikla Hero
Karan Anshuman, Mumbai Mirror
Friends and cinema lovers - After having banished your brain for the likes of Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaraa its time to own up your grey matter and walk right into the theaters for Shoojit Sarkar’s Madras Cafe. It is brewing with
Stutee Ghosh, Planet Bollywood
A pleasant mix of original and melodious compositions!
Dhiren Trivedi, Bollywood Life
On the whole, Madras cafe is one of the best Political thrillers Bollywood has ever produced. The realistic drama, sleek narration and the last half an hour of the film will make you edge out of your seats. Very seldom does Bollywood produces such kind of
Neha Prashar Gupta, Bollywood 3
Madras Cafe is a stupendous thriller and though it slips in some parts the film is an overall winner. Cinema like this should be encouraged!
Mansha Rastogi, Now Running
On the whole, Madras Cafe is a class-appealing film which will do well in the high-end multiplexes of big cities mainly. Its performance in the single-screen cinemas and ordinary multiplexes, frequented by masses, will be below the mark. Given its cost, t
Komals Reviews
It’s easy for a movie like Madras Cafe to dissolve into the nonsensical in the true tradition of Bollywood espionage/suspense thrillers. But this film holds its own.
Akshaya Mishra, First Post
Reviewed by Rag Mayur
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
rresistible stuff if you love brain work in your movies.
Vinayak Chakravorty, India Today
It's a good, taut beginning, especially for a thriller that will unfold in flashback.
Trisha Gupta, First Post
In the early 1990s India's battling rebel Tamils in Sri Lanka - how many losses win this war?
Srijana Mitra Das, Times of India
Madras Cafe along with other movies which have come out in the recent past once again confirms that Indian cinema is seeing a significant shift and the future seems only brighter for Indian movies in terms of global recognition and establishing a status of cinema not as mere entertainment but also as a respectful art form
Shadab Hasnain, BookMyShow
John Abraham steals the show!
Bhagyashr​i Pawar, Bollywood Life
Aparna MudiAmidst a lot of controversies and protests ‘Madras Cafe’ opened today with a lot of speculation. The film is Bollywood’s attempt at political thriller, and director Shoojit Sircar has not disappointed.
Zee News
Madras Cafe is a class-appealing film which will do well in the high-end multiplexes of big cities mainly. Its performance in the single-screen cinemas and ordinary multiplexes, frequented by masses, will be below the mark. Given its cost, the film will s
This is arguably the best political thriller that Bollywood has so far given us.
IANS Team, India Today