Mahanandi (2005)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Crime
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Average Critic Rating: (2.50)
Release Date: 01 Jan 2005

Plot: Krishnaswamy ( Kamal Hassan ) is a widower living happily along with his mother-in-law Saraswathi ( S. N. Lakshmi ), daughter Kaveri (Mahanadi Shobana) and son Bharani (Mahanadhi Dinesh) in a village near Trichy. Dhanush ( Cochin Haneefa ); a con from the city has an eye on Krishnaswamy's prosperity Read more

Mahanandi - All Reviews

After impressing as a self-petious loverboy in Satyam, Sumanth, nephew of Nagarjuna, plays a dreaded factionist in Mahanandi.
B Anuradha, Rediff 
First half of the film is OK. The second half slows _x000D_ down due to uneven handling of love episodes and the _x000D_ conflict between the friends. Plus points of the film _x000D_ are performances of Srihari and Sumanth. The negative _x000D_ points are overdose of fights and heavy dialogues. This _x000D_ film has scope to do well in B and C centers by attracting _x000D_ masses. This film opened with fabulous openings.
Idle Brain
There is a fixation among Telugu filmmakers with faction fights and largerthan-life dons. Numerous movies have been made on the subject.Numerous others would doubtless be made again. Some will work. Some may not.
India Glitz