Maharathi (2008)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Drama, Suspense
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Total Reviews: 13
Sahi: 2 Nahi: 11

Review Summary: MAHARATHI has some curiosity-value thanks to its interesting cast and an equally inviting promotion.

Average Critic Rating: (2.27)
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Plot: The film opens as Jai Singh Adenwaala ( Naseeruddin Shah ) gets into an accident due to drunk driving but is saved from death by Subhash Sharma ( Paresh Rawal ). As Jai Singh is seriously drunk, Subhash hails a taxi and decides to drop him home. Once at the... Read more

Maharathi - Movie Reviews

Paresh Rawal’s Subhash is one twisted character, capable of falsely convincing you of his noble-intentions.
MAHARATHI has some curiosity-value thanks to its interesting cast and an equally inviting promotion.
Bollywood Hungama
Rajeev Masand
Maharathi doesn't disappoint although the bindings of theatre do keep it more of an in-door affair.
Times of India
We wonder why director Shivam Nair -- who directed the critically well-recieved Ahista Ahista [Images] earlier -- could not ulitise his brilliant cast to the fullest, and churn out a good thriller.
[an error occurred while processing this directive]But not all plays are fit for cinematic adaptations. Maharathi may be a hugely successful play, but it''s not as engaging as a cinematic experience. Let''s face it, cinema and theatre are two different me
Can be watched for the starcast...
Bharat Student
Neha Dhupia plays a villainous role very well
Smash Hits
The surprise of Maharathi, undoubtedly, is Neha Dhupia. As a ruthless, greedy housewife, she shows some spark of histrionics one never thought she was gifted with.
Watch it for biggies' performance
India Glitz
It is hard to define this movie into a genre as it fits into a multitude; with shades of being a dark comedy, a possible drama and definitely a murder mystery it makes for quite an interesting watch. Maharathi is watchable but don’t go in expecting any ed
Bolly Spice
Director Nair who earlier impressed with Ahista Ahista gets the classic feel right but his direction gets monotonous and unexciting and the overly placid passionless pace makes every plot turn predictable.
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Movie Review : MaharathiDirector : Starring :Shivam Nair  Naseruddin Shah,Om Puri,Paresh Rawal,Boman Irani,Neha Dhupia,Tara SharmaMaharathi Movie Review December 6, 2008 1:05:40 PM ISTBy Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network view MAHARATHI videosMA
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