Main Aur Charles (2015)

Hindi 2 hrs 3 mins Drama, Thriller
50 %
Total Reviews: 34
Sahi: 17 Nahi: 17

Review Summary: Strong turn by Randeep Hooda, makes the Charles Shobhraj biopic a fun watch.

Average Critic Rating: (2.60)
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Release Date:
Est. Budget: 20.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 6.0 CR

Plot: The movie revolves around Charles, an enigmatic con man and a vicious killer, and the lives he touched with his inescapable charm and mysterious personality.We follow Charles, who is literally evil personified, as he manipulates innumerable people to facilitate his jail break. The thin line between his victims and accomplices... Read more

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If that isn't enough of an incentive, watch it for Randeep Hooda's alluring French drawl and Adil Hussain's sturdy presence.
Main Aur Charles’ is dark and delicious. Prawaal Raman crafts a compelling story around a most mesmeric personality.
Of crimes and misdemeanors!
Director Prawaal Raman sweeps us into Sobhraj’s exploits .Once in, there’s no way out.
On an overall basis, ‘Main Aur Charles’ is like a prime time news hour debate which has an interesting topic to start with but ends up with the same routine stuff without giving a proper solution to the main problem.
Divya Solgama
Stylish biopic with stellar performances
Film Fare
A film that tells its tale with calculated intent -- coolly, cleverly, taking its time -- mirroring the dry panache of its self-assured protagonist
The movie is all style and very little soul. And that’s a disappointment as it attempted to tell a really fascinating story of a mastermind. But do watch it, if only for Hooda
Main Aur Charles movie review: Randeep Hooda needed a better film
Indian Express
Main Aur Charles Proves That Bollywood Should Make More Biopics
Miss Malini
Randeep is convincing; the uncanny physical resemblance and accent help bring Charles alive. Most of the supporting cast is good, but Adil Hussain is a notch above.
Times of India
The production values are fine and spent what is exactly needed for the 80s concept like Main Aur Charles. Finally, script and narration is what dips down the movie.
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Shoddy direction fails Randeep Hooda, Richa Chadha's performances
DNA India
The problem with Main Aur Charles is that it strives hard to be high on style but low on content.
Koi Moi
The problem with biopics is that they can’t be somewhere in between
MAIN AUR CHARLES is a big yawn!
Glam Sham
Randeep Hooda as Sobraj is thrilling and seductive, just like the film
First Post
Film’s complicated approach means viewers are left exhausted after playing catch-up with the storyline
But investing time to watch this one will only mean making a 'oyal' buffoon of yourself"
Bangalore Mirror
कन्फ्यूज करती हैं 'मैं और चार्ल्स', एक्टिंग है फिल्म की जान
Above all, Randeep’s portrayal of Charles is praiseworthy.
Suave, Slick and Stylish
Book My Show
Catch Main Aur Charles for a well-executed peek into the life and times of one of the world’s most notorious criminals.
Watch it for Randeep Honda and a sleek thriller, not to understand Charles Sobhraj.
This Randeep Hooda starrer is worth a watch!
A film that’s very much in love with its serial killer protagonist
Live Mint
The prime problem is that the film is too much soul and very less substance. It was promising but half-baked, with the thrills falling short in supply.
Pink Villa
In Prawaal Raman’s fictional retelling of Charles Sobhraj’s jailbreak in the mid-1980s, style trumps substance.
Adil Hussain is a very fine artist. He plays the voice of sanity amidst Sobhraj’s fandom and adds a very generous amount of gravitas and depth to Amod Kanth.
Asian Age
Even the keen, wait for DVD
Although the movie does get a little confusing, Main Aur Charles is a good one time watch especially if you have an interest to know about this "Bikini Killer"
Filmi Beat
He has shot the jail escape scenes, and the ones that involve Goa, to perfection.Overall, in spite of its puzzling plot, Main Aur Charles turns out to be a decent one time watch
This could have been an attempt to get under the skin of a famous psychopathic criminal, but it falls flat because the film-makers choose style over substance.
Reuters India
Overall, "Main Aur Charles" is a well-made intriguing film with realistic performances.
Zee News India