Majnu (2002)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Romance, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (2.83)
Release Date: 01 Jan 2002

Plot: Vasanth ( Prashanth ) is a son of a wealthy MP Gajapathy ( Raghuvaran ) who hates love and against love marriage. Vasanth lives a fun-filled enjoyable life until he meets a girl ( Rinke Khanna ) while rushing to save a baby who is about to fall in a Read more

Majnu - All Reviews

It is Nani's show all the way.To cut things short, Majnu isn't a bad film, but it isn't impressive either. It is just a watchable film because of the lead actor's exuberance. It should appeal to the urban audience and do well in A centers. Don't expect too much from Majnu and believe in Nani so that you wouldn't be disappointed.
A Routine Love Triangle.‘Majnu’ is a gamble for buyers because the film is sold at exuberant prices all over.
Majnu turns out to be routine lover with average attractions.Story, screenplay, direction is just routine and Varma could have included some interesting scenes. over all a decent routine romantic entertainer.
Director Varinchi'€™s script is old and the narrative is sketchy
Krishna Vamsi, Indian Express
2 Lailas One Majnu! Obviously the film’s fun first half, couple of good songs and Nani’s performance cover up the regular proceedings in the second half. So the film works because of these elements. All in all, it is timepass romantic drama, watchable for once.
Watch Majnu for its pleasantness and lovable execution of a beautiful love story
Ajay Mudunuri, BookMyShow
First half of the film is nice though slow with a good interval twist. Second half falls flat and not engaging enough. But regular sprinkling of humor helped. Plus points of the film are Nani’s performance, dialogues and first half. On the flip side, a weak story and uninteresting screenplay in second half spoils it for the movie.
Producer Dr Murli Manohar and director (not to forget his story and screenplay credits, please) Ravichandran have laid an outsize egg with this one.
Tulika, Rediff 
Majnu is a breezy entertainer with entertainment as the mantra. There is nothing novel but then no heavy moments or boringly routine scenes. Give it a try this weekend!
The movie's plot is quite predictable
Aravind, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Off late, the audience has taken a serious liking towards Nani and are loving all his performances and films. Staying true to his image, Nani gives a terrific performance in Majnu and is the major reason for everyone to watch this film. A breezy first half and happy climax are basic assets. If you ignore the routine storyline, Nani and team will make sure that Majnu will end up as a entertaining watch this weekend.
The filmmmaker manages to dish out the entertainment without diluting the intensity and innocence of the romance is note worthy
Karthik Pasupulate, The Times of India