Manam (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 43 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (3.69)
Cast: Akkineni Nageswara Rao , Naga Chaitanya , Nagarjuna Akkineni , Samantha Ruth Prabhu , Shriya Saran
Director: Vikram Kumar K
Release Date: 23 May 2014

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Director Vikram Kumar is the winner
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
Manam is a story of human emotions be it love, romance and sentiments
I Luv Cinema
'Manam's reincarnation story gives the vibes of English classic back to the future
Bollywood Life
ANR saying to Chai, "Prathi vadu tagi Devadas antadu," is such a treat to watch. Yes, ANR takes pride in boozing here!All the main characters have a meaningful place in the story. The climax gives that surreal feel and is well-written by Vikram
Manam is a perfect classic film from the stable of Akkinenis. The movie is an emotional journey all the way with literally everything associated with it working well. It is a perfect tribute to Legendary actor, ANR from his family. Lets send in our tribute by watching the Legend for one last time!
Bringing the three generation actors together and that too with a novel yet contemporary story like Manam is not an easy job and kudos to Vikram Kumar who has done a wonderful job making it such simplified. Despite different threads and time periods from 1930's to 2013, each and every relation has been handled effectively without confusion.
'Manam' is perhaps one the most awaited films in the history of Tollywood
123 Telugu Team, 123 Telugu
'Manam' is a comedy drama film, which is perfect family entertainer
Shekhar, Oneindia Entertainment
Ishq fame Vikram Kumar’s direction is topnotch; he penned a good story and also executed it very beautifully. He should get accolades for making a film that is far away from current mass masala genre. Vikram Kumar squeezed best performances from the lead cast and also showcased impeccable chemistry between them. He weaved the film’s story with right mix of love, comedy, romance and emotions and finally carved a beautiful family entertainer ‘Manam’ that will be surely remembered as one of the best movies of present Telugu cinema.
Manam Movie will Reach Your Expectations , This movie is Pakka Entertainer with All Elements You should Watch it With Your Family Manam is A real Tribute to Anr And one of the Best Movie From Akkineni Family Watch it Iam sure You will Enjoy and like It
India Glitz
Manam- A wholesome family entertainer that will be remembered for years to come… ANRliveson
Bringing the three generation actors together and that too with a novel yet contemporary story like Manam is not an easy job and kudos to Vikram Kumar who has done a wonderful job making it such simplified. Despite different threads and time periods from 1930's to 2013, each and every relation has been handled effectively without confusion.
'Manam' has once again taken the present Telugu films to era of classic films, without any double meaning dialogues, item numbers and silly fights and heroism factors
Nainika, Cine Outlook
Director Vikram K Kumar has taken a complicated plot and narrated it in a very simple and yet effective way and for this he deserves great credit. Because this story could very well have gone way above our head making us deemed unintelligent for not getting it in the hands of an incapable hands or had it not be visualized properly.
More than a film, Manam is a magical experience. It is a decent farewell to one of the legendary careers of Indian Cinema. Other than being ANR’s last film, Manam has got hundred other reasons to wach it. Don’t miss this romantic comedy drama
The movie is high on entertainment quotient and it is treat to see ANR, Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya together on screen
RamWadhwani, Chirtamala
'Manam' is a good family drama movie and a tribute to legendary actor ANR
Krithika, Entertainment - Sandhira
The movie will surely make a memorable one for Telugu cinema lovers
Telugu Mirchi Editorial, Telugu Mirchi
In which category does ‘Manam’ fit? Classic or Masterpiece or Trendsetter? If there is one film in the recent past that fits into all these slots, It’s definitely ‘Manam’ which is a fitting farewell for Akkineni Nageswar Rao. The Legendary Actor couldn’t have asked for more even if he was alive Today.
Manam created headlines for several positive reasons. Mainly, it has been hyped the most because it features three generation stars of Akkineni family, which is happening for the first time in the Indian cinema. This is the last movie of late legendary actor Akkineni Nageswara Rao, who died of cancer on January 22.
Manam is a treat for ANR fans and is a perfect tribute to the great soul. Vikram Kumar came with near perfect script loaded with full of emotions to appeal to all sections of people. He with his screenplay and direction emerged successful in presenting the film as a master piece
Vikram Kumar should be given credit for making the last film of Akkineni Nageswara Rao. Hope in coming years he make such good family movies which should be appreciated by each and everybody.
Missing Manam is giving a miss to Celebration! Go For It!!!
AP Today
Manam begins with Bittoo’s birthday. He is six years old and his parents have surprises for him. The year is 1983 and the date, February 13. Cut the superstition and the surprise comes in when we learn that Naga Chaitanya (Radha Mohan) and Samantha (Krishnaveni) are Bittoo’s parents. That’s the first clue to reveal that the movie has a different formula. While the mind is buzzing with ‘Why isn’t it Nagarjuna?’ we stay with the proceedings and witness Bittoo’s birthday celebrations.
The Hindu
Overall the film is good to watch for all ages and it entertain everybody 100%.
Director Vikram needs to be appreciated for bringing up a new concept like Manam and executing it so well. He made sure to extract the best from every artist in terms of performance. Although, a little magic was missing for a film that involves three generations of the Akkineni clan, it gets compensated by the story itself.
On the whole, very rarely does one get to see a beautiful film like Manam. It is perhaps the best gift that the Akkineni family has given to the legendary ANR. Right from the word go, Manam entertains you to the core. Be it ANR and Chaitanya’s comedy scenes to Nag and Shriya’s romance, this film has it all. Manam makes everyone sit right up, and puts Telugu cinema on to another pedestal.
˜Manam™ is his last film and everyone wanted it to be special, as a tribute to the Legendary actor
Deep, Releaseday
Vikram Kumar wove a web of emotions and complimented it with comedy to come with a master class Manam. The film will mesmerise everyone. Though the film pace dipped a bit sometimes, sudden burst of comedy scenes erased those feelings. The way Vikram Kumar narrated the complex story of birth and re-birth speaks volumes about his talent. His screenplay and direction is very good.
'Manam' - The breezy background score and snazzy camerawork provide the right sort of magical ambience for the story to play out
Karthik Pasupulate, The Times of India
No dearth in Entertainment!ANR Lives ON!
Audience are smiling face...... enjoying the movie, this movie is completely a family entertainer
Common Man, AP Herald
Watch it for the legend ANR and the charm his family spells on you
'Manam' is the last movie of Legendary ANR
The film is a befitting answer to all those people who complain that the Telugu directors do not touch different subjects. In fact, Manam is one-of-its-kind film in the history of Indian cinema. The director narrates a complex plot with simplicity. His film has emerged from a simple thought – How would it be if human love is passed on from one life to another? But the way Vikram handled the plot shows his sheer genius. Hats off to the director for the way he uses the clock tower and 10.20 time to link the story.
Manam is a classical family entertainer which takes you to a ride of all the emotions. The film is a fitting tribute to the Legendary actor ANR and as well as the 100 years of Indian Cinema.
'Manam' is entirely different film from the movies our Telugu audience gets to see, It is hard to imagine such a plot and visualize it to the perfection
First things first. Manam is nothing short of classic and certainly a rich tribute to legendary actor ANR. Director Vikram Kumar holds sway in each and every department and that makes the film a masterpiece. Scenes involving all three generation stars ANR, Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya are the best part of the film. Their larger-than-life roles do the magic. Samantha fills the gap of galamour quotient in the film whereas Shriya sticks to her performance.
Heart touching and exhilarating family entertainer, dare not miss it!!
Amala, Amitabh Bachchan, Neethu Chandra and Lavanya Tripathy. The speciality of Manam is Akhil Akkineni’s grand debut. No debut hero can get this kind of debut and his screen presence and timing are perfect. Akhil introduction was shot very well. The film is a perfect feast for Akkineni fans and Telugu cinema Lovers.
In one line…after a very long gap, I’ve seen a true Telugu film made everything on innovative format. May it be story based on Past Life Regression or penetrative treatment or polished narration, everything is working positive here. Coming to disadvantages, there is a need for plenty of portions in second half to get immediately trimmed. In fact, this is the reason why runtime touched 160+ minutes which is too high. Joining scenes between Nag, Shriya were repetitive and boring. Into pre climax and climax, suddenly all the performances become plastic. Although Akhil’s entry wasn’t much needed, Vikram Kumar is a winner from Fans point of view.
When business is driving content in contemporary Telugu films, Nagarjuna has dared to make a content oriented film that will definitely drive the business for it. I have seen such a pleasant-looking Nagarjuna on screen after Manmadhudu in this movie. Though the story is new, Manam is not an experiment. It’s an entertainer with romantic comedy and a bit of heart-touching emotion. From a regular moviegoer point of view, I would love to have more gripping pre-climax scenes. I strongly recommend Manam film to everybody. Go and watch it. It’s an entertainer!!!.
Nageswar Rao aka Bittu [Nagarjuna] loses his parents Krishnaveni and Radha Mohan [Naga Chaitanya and Samantha] right in the childhood in an accident. He grows up as successful businessman and unbelievably finds Nagarjuna [Naga Chaitanya] and Priya [Samantha]. Assuming both of them as his lost parents have reborn Nageswar Rao tries to unite them. One day accidentally Nageswar Rao happens to find his soul mate Anjali [Shriya]. Nageswar Rao and Anjali rescue a patient by name Chaitanya [ANR]
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
When every actor in a film puts their life in it, the movie will be celebration to watch. Manam falls in the same genre. Go watch for ANR and the Akkineni family.