Marigold: An Adventure in India (2007)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Romance
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Review Summary: On the whole MARIGOLD is a terrible film with gloomy prospects. A sure-shot disaster!

Average Critic Rating: (1.95)
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Plot: Marigold Lexton ( Ali Larter ), a self-centered and temperamental young American actress, arrives in India expecting to be treated like a star, despite the fact that she has been making nothing but B movie sequels for some time. She is stranded in Goa after the film she was to... Read more

Marigold: An Adventure in India - Movie Reviews

What on earth was this Maari, Mera, Mora, Marie, Moore, Meerigold all about? As Salman Khan says to Ms Larter, “Yeah, yeahz, yeahz, cooool.. yaaaah are a reeeellly looovly gaaaal!”I just no understandz, babeez!
Hindustan Times 
We often criticise Bollywood for churning out movies that make no sense.
On the whole MARIGOLD is a terrible film with gloomy prospects. A sure-shot disaster!
Bollywood Hungama
After playing a love guru in Partner, Salman Khan [Images] is all set to make Hollywood dance to his tunes in Willard Carroll's Marigold.
Director Willard Carrol had the right intention but his anglicising of the world's largest film industry leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.
Movie Review : MarigoldDirector : Music : Lyrics : Starring :Willard Carroll  Shankar Ehsaan Loy  Javed Akhtar  Salman Khan, Ali Larter.By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network Download Marigold WallpapersMarigold (Ali Larter) must be one superwoma
Glam Sham
Way below average, more so when you are told that this is a 'Hollywood' film! Not recommended.
Bharat Student
It will be non-acceptable to multiplex audience and will add to the list of underperforming films of the year
Smash Hits
The film depicts the done to death love story as the main plot where a phirang girl Marigold comes to India and faces many problems here, but amidst all this she also falls for a bollywood choreographer PremThe rest of the film deals with the various prob
Bollywood Mantra
A romantic comedy, featuring Ali Carter, who was shot to fame after the “Heroes� series. And Salman Khan, who has not just a fan following in India but around the world was signed for the project. Which also happens to be the star’s first English mo
Marigold directed by American director Willard Carroll is a fiendish adventure. The movie is a spurious romantic musical comedy.. romance is sloppy and comedy, well I didn?t find any traces of it. I wonder what Salman Khan was thinking when he signed this