Mirza Juuliet (2017)

Hindi 2 hrs 10 mins Romance, Action
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 15
User Score
Total Votes: 5

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Review Summary: Mirza Juuliet is insipid, uninspired. Skip.

Average Critic Rating: (1.87)
Cast: Pia Bajpai , Darshan Kumar
Director: Rajesh Ram Singh
Release Date: 07 Apr 2017
Est. Budget: 5.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 10.0 CR

Mirza Juuliet - Top Reviews

This film comes stuffed with the most abominable clichés which are clearly aligned to the power structures in place.
Shubhra Gupta, Indian Express
Mirza Juuliet is a predictable tale that is a waste of your time and money. Though the heroine's bubbly personality seems to offer many possibilities, but her cursing and her wide-eyed stupidity gets annoying real quickly.
Manisha Lakhne, Now Running
Millionth version of Romeo & Juliet
Rachit Gupta, Film Fare
Pia Bajpai’s film is raunchy, rugged and rebellious
Subhash K Jha, Hindustan Times

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Mirza Juuliet - All Reviews

अल्‍हड़ प्‍यार की कहानी लेकिन भटकावों से भरी
Iqbal Parvez, NDTV
The film once again proves how legendary love stories are best confined to books.
Nonika Singh, Tribune India
This One’s So Bad, It’s Truly a Tragedy
Stutee Ghosh, The Quint
Mirza Juuliet' is a love story without love. The narrative is interesting and has some moments which gets highly ruined due to bad portrayal of women followed by a predictable screenplay and weak modernization of the epic love sage.
India Glitz
‘मिर्जा जूलिएट’ में इलाकाई माहौल अच्‍छी तरह से आया है। निर्देशक और उनकी टीम ने परिवेश पर ध्‍यान दिया है। हमें कुछ नए देसी किरदार भी इस फिल्‍म में मिले हैं। उनकी रिश्‍तेदारी और उनकी भाषा कहीं-कहीं खटकती है। इस फिल्‍म में भी ‘स्‍त्री की ना’ है। न जाने क्‍यों लेखक-निर्देशक उस ना पर नहीं टिके हैं।
Ajay Brahamaj, Jargan
क्या हुआ जब साहिबा नहीं जूलियट का दीवाना हुआ मिर्जा
R.J Alok, Aaj Tak
Kunal Guha, Mumbai Mirror
You would rather not watch a movie this weekend than bear this torture.
Surabhi Redkar, Koi Moi
In an effort to capture the magic of the tragic love story it is inspired from, ‘Mirza Juuliet’ crumbles under its own ambition and becomes a cinematic tragedy instead.
Reza Noorani, Times of India
Rustic love saga fails to impress
India TV News
Good performances doesn't save half-drowned film
Rohit Bhatnagar, Deccan Chronicle