Mithya (2008)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Thriller, Comedy
87 %
Total Reviews: 15
Sahi: 13 Nahi: 2

Review Summary: Parallel cinema seems to have made a comeback in Bollywood but with a different set of rules.

Average Critic Rating: (3.37)
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Mithya - Movie Reviews

With efforts like Mithya, thankfully, Rajat shows that even an obvious falsehood can feel very real.
Above all, Ranvir Shorey is outstanding, perfectly creating the two imperfect personalities. Cheers! Go ahead, grab Mithiya to make your matinee.
Hindustan Times 
Parallel cinema seems to have made a comeback in Bollywood but with a different set of rules.
Times of India
Like the rom-com (romantic comedy), there’s another genre that’s infiltrating our screens these days – the crime comedy (CC).
Rajeev Masand
Rajat Kapoor first came into limelight as a director on debut when ‘Raghu Romeo’ r...
Here comes the release of a film that has been in the festival circuit for a while. Rajat Kapoor takes up the directorial reigns after films such as Raghu Romeo and Mixed Doubles. So, what's in store for us from a filmmaker who loves exploring the 'niche' with 'niche' subjects?
India Glitz
Rajat Kapoor has executed the film with finesseHowever Mithya is meant for a niche segment of audiencesThe story and screenplay will appeal more to the multiplex crowd who are interested in viewing different kinds of filmsMithya does not belong to any one
Bollywood Mantra
Rajat Kapoor returns to the director’s chair after Raghu Romeo (2003) and Mixed Doubles (2006) with another “different” story. This time he ropes in the usual suspects Ranvir and Vinay, and other stalwarts like Naseeruddin shah and Saurabh Shukla. Mithya
Planet Bollywood
e with a powerful message, the story is about VK (Ranvir Shorey) who comes from a town to the big bad city of Mumbai with the sole aim of becoming a star in the film industry. As fate would have it, he gets into an inevitable situation with the notorious
Bharat Student
Director Rajat Kapoor's attempt is laudable for he unfolds the thrilling story briskly with tad bits of humor scattered nattily.
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Movie Review : MithyaDirector : Music : Starring :Rajat Kapoor  Sagar Desai  Naseruddin Shah, Neha Dhupia, Ranvir Shorey, Vinay Pathak.By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network view MITHYA movie stills MITHYA is a very complicated film dealt with in
Glam Sham
In this case, Mithya, you can''t draw parallels with any film, [an error occurred while processing this directive]past or present. That''s because something like this has never been attempted before. And that happens to be the flip side as well, for Mithy
Mithya directed by Rajat Kapoor has an interesting cast. The extremely talented Ranvir Sheorey is in a double role along with Neha Dhupia as the female lead. Naseeruddin Shah, Vinay Patak, Saurabh Shukla, Brijendra Kala and Harsh Chhaya form the rest of t
More seldom is the supporting cast delivering such consistent performances that it’s difficult to pick one over the other in the order of merit — a loud round of applause for the Supporting cast Vinay Pathak, Brijendra Kala, Harsh Chhaya, Neha Dhupia, Iravati Harshe, Saurabh Shukla and Naseeruddin Shah who shine in their roles