Mr Joe B. Carvalho (2014)

Hindi 2 hrs 10 mins Social, Comedy, Comedy

Plot: Mr Joe B. Carvalho ( Arshad Warsi ) is your (slightly below) average corny-go-lucky private eye in the quest for a truly challenging case that can bring in money and fame and change his fortunes for good. A moneyed Khurana ( Shakti Kapoor ) hands him a case to find... Read more

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In our country we have few different genres of comedy films. Earlier there used to be comical films by Mehmood, Kishore Kumar, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee, etc. Then it moved its base to the mass level with help of films makers like David Dhawan
Movie Zadda
You could skip it!
Koi Moi
Our desi Jacques Clouseau is played by Arshad Warsi.
'Mr Joe B. Carvalho' name makes sensenot the movie
Indian Express
If 'Joe B Carvalho' is how the year begins, suddenly all hope seems lost for 2014
MR JOE B. CARVALHO has few moments that stay with you but a weak second half plays the spoilsport...
Bollywood Hungama
A detective who’s entrusted the task of finding an eloped heiress gets drawn into a complex situation involving an international killer.
Times of India
Overall, Mr. Joe B Carvalho is a total disaster of a movie. Except for Arshad Warsi’s histrionics, this film has nothing much to offer. Stay away from this one.
Bollywood 3
We hope that the future films make a more compelling case with their detective heroes and heroine.
India Today
Mr Joe B Carvalho may not be the ha ha fest with you may want to start you new year with but if you are not wanting to be too picky it does offer you some by-and-large clean, humour which spoofs about everything it can.
India Today
The film deserves the one star it got for the bravery the makers of this film showed while making it.
India Today
Good story, nice team but weak execution
Bharat Student
Movie Review : 'जॉय बी कारवाल्हो' 'जॉय बी कारवाल्हो' एक कॉमेडी फिल्म है, लेकिन कॉमेडी के नाम पर इस फिल्म में कुछ भी नहीं है। कॉमेडी के मामले में यह फिल्म असफल दिखती है। माना कि अरशद अच्छी कॉमेडी करते हैं, मगर इस फिल्म में...
In the new year it was expected that the run of good movies will continue in the box officeTherefore hopes were high as the film 'MrJoe B Carvalho' was all set to release in the first Friday of the new yearThough Bollywood avoids releasing movies on the f
Bollywood Mantra
The film offers very little entertainment at the price of its ticket
Bollywood Life
Karan Anshuman Kuch B Kardiya Arshad Warsi is the unfortunately christened amateur detective Mr Joe B Carvalho
Mumbai Mirror
‘Mr Joe B Carvalho’ is a comedy of terror’s which has been directed by debutante Samir Tewari. The film is not at all funny and has mindless gags that ultimately cross the limit. The entire cast ove
Bollywood Mixer
Despite having actors like Arshad Warsi Jaaved Jaffrey and Soha Ali Khan Mr Joe B Carvalho fails miserably and is devoid of any reason for one to watch this film. Best avoided.
Now Running
Overall, the movie is watchable perhaps by the fans of actors if they overlook the content
Smash Hits
The title had nothing to do with the movie or the story it was the name of the central character of the movie, Arshad Warsi, who raises no laughs whatsoever.
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Despite good performances by Arshad Warsi and Vijay Raaz, this comedy of errors is not entertaining. Weak script, bad acting by rest of the cast and unfunny jokes prove to be the film’s undoing.
Even if you are in a charitable mood Mr. Joe B Carvalho doesnt go beyond a couple of chuckles. Mostly a waste of time and comic talents like Arshad and Javed. Sambhaloo.. watch at your own risk.
India Glitz