Mr. Pellikoduku (2013)

Telugu Drama, Comedy
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Average Critic Rating: (2.35)
Cast: Isha Chawla , Sunil Varma Indukuri
Director: Devi Prasad
Release Date: 28 Feb 2013

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Mr. Pellikoduku - All Reviews

Unlike the original, the hero here is given enough room to show off his six-pack abs. Sunil is an exceptional dancer but do we need to see him wear out his knee caps in every song? To be fair, Sunil tries to do his best. But the charm he exuded as a comedy actor is sorely missing in this full-fledged role
The Hindu
Overall,audience would feel bored by watching this movie.Sunil is more like an artificial facet.Tried too much on screen leaving his originality.Am afraid to say,he is better to concentrate on comic roles,as he used to do earlier.
It is known that Mr.Pellikoduku is the official remake of Tanu weds Manu and the remake sticks to the original story but fails in execution. Firstly, the Hindi version turned out good hit for the lead characters performances and the film’s dialogues. But Mr.Pellikoduku couldn’t match up to Hindi version in both the aspects.
Devi Prasad direction is OK. Cinematography is nice and Editing is neat. Music by SA Rajkumar is failed. In Second half Screenplay could have been better. Dialogues are good. Frame to Frame copy of Tanu Weds Manu. Gana Bajana missed in Sunil’s Mr. Pellikoduku.
However, it was clear that the remake was nowhere near the original due to its weak direction and screenplay. The first half is somewhat okay and sets an average experience.
Mr.Pellikodu Movie is An Average Flick For One Time Watch For Sunil Dance.
‘Mr. Pellikoduku’ is a poor remake of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. Bad Music,outdated sequences and Sunil’s odd makeup are big minus points for the movie. Isha Chawla’s glamour and some humour in the first half may not be enough to save this flick. I am going to watch ‘Sontham’ now to see the good old Sunil in action.
Striking Soon
Not all remakes are as good as the original. In fact, most remakes fall short of expectations set by its original, and in that list, comes "Mr. Pellikoduku", the Telugu remake of "Tanu weds Manu".
The movie lacks quality script and the feel good flavor of Poola Rangadu.
The film is absolutely humour dry and to further bore us it hangs to the idea of what the pure hearted commercial hero had done over the years.
The first half of Mr Pellikoduku is quite interesting with few comedy scenes, a couple of songs and a funny fight. But the movie turns boring in the second half due to some sentimental scenes, cliched dialogues and too many songs. Poor background score will also add to make the movie uninteresting. An artificial fight in the climax is very disgusting and makes you leave the theatre with a heavy heart.
Sunil has given wonderful performance in the movie and he is the show man. He impresses you with his perfect comedy timing. He also wins your heart with some of his wonderful dance moves. But the director could have given more attention towards his makeup, which looks awkward in some scenes.
Mr.Pellikoduku is an Average Flick with Routing scenes and comedy. Not up to "Thanu Weds Manu" range
Openly speaking, except the presence of Sunil and beautiful Isha Chawla, there is no substance here. Director Devi Prasad has failed to execute the project with same flavor of 'Tanu Weds Manu.' Screenplay was totally routine with no depth observed in handling the key scenes.
The first half of the film is okay and second half should have been better. If you look at comedy episodes, they are good. But they didn’t gel well with the genre of the film. Plus points of the film are Sunil and comedy episodes. A better handling of emotional scenes and sticking to the original story would have made this film a better one. We need to wait and see how audiences (especially masses and family crowds) receive it.
Idle Brain
‘Mr. Pellikoduku’ is a poor remake of ‘Tanu Weds Manu’. Bad Music,outdated sequences and Sunil’s odd makeup are big minus points for the movie. Isha Chawla’s glamour and some humour in the first half may not be enough to save this flick.
Irritating Bride Groom!
Sunil's performance was okay. Isha Chawla gave her best. She proved once again that there's a very good actor in her. Remaining all were up to the mark.
The first half of the film will go on slow pace with few comedy scenes with no twists and turns while the second half of the film goes in ultra slow pace with few sentiments and untimed scenes.The movie will definitely test the patience of an audience with no josh in the film’s story.
Mr.Pellikoduku is an average flick with poor execution and routine comedy. A One time watch for Sunil's dances.
With unimpressive technical team, poor efforts by lead pair Mr. Pellikoduku killed the natural & fresh feel which 'Tanu Weds Manu' had in it.
Sunil has some crowd pulling power and masses have confidence in him. That has to bring decent openings to this film. Mr. Pelli Koduku doesn't have enough strength and stamina to win over the box office. Watch it at your own risk.
Coming to Mr. PelliKoduku movie analysis it was clear that due to Devi Sri Prasad’s weak direction and screenplay movie was failed in major areas. The first half is somewhat is just okay and lay down a regular experience.
The film happens to be the remake of the Bollywood hit ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ and to those who have seen the original this by no means will be appealing. The key reason for that was the adaptation which was not done in the right spirit. As a director, it is important to realize that comparisons are bound to happen and the new version has to come up with equally good energy and pace. Of course, he has changed the second half to a little extent but it was not sufficient to give that right nativity. The dialogues were witty to an extent but the comedy was not that matured. Cinematography was upto the mark. The film takes off in a mild way and there are few good scenes in between. But developing the plot and building the momentum was missing. The interval bang was good enough but the second half got a little dull and looked somewhat stale. The lack of branded names in significant roles is another setback. The film suffered heavily due to the outdated music. Sunil’s presence is strong in the B, C center and it may get an initial response in a strong way. But it would take strong post release publicity if the makers are planning to score a hit out of it.
The film is the remake of the Bollywood movie ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ which was a big hit. However, it was clear that the remake was nowhere near the original due to its weak direction and screenplay. The first half is somewhat okay and sets an average experience.
Sunil’s entry started with an introduction dance that showed his skill, he danced on par with NTR and Bunny. The director showed all his qualities of goodness, innocence and intelligence through small episodes. Isha fell flat unable to imitate Kangana and also struggling to be an original.
Remaking a romantic entertainer with a comedy based hero is suicidal. Madhavan suited the role to the hilt in the original and maybe a soft looking hero could have been ideal choice for the remake. Sunil doesn't fit here in any way. He had to compromise on his comedic timing and remain passive for most part of the film.
Comedy worked out to some extent in the first half complimented by some good dances. The second half of the movie has too much of melodrama stuff which slow down the pace of the movie. Added to it, the misplaced songs hamper the pace further. On a whole, Mr.Pellikoduku is really bad stuff.
Devi Prasad did not strain himself in technical department as it is a remake. Except for small changes it is out and out Hindi film. But in the name of nativity, he tampered with the screen play. However comedy is entertaining in the first half.
Mr Pellikoduku has all the badly written additions woven into it. The music isn't appealing eithert. The Telugu version sadly fails and scores on no account.
Rediff Movies
The film is an average flick with routine comedy scenes.
One big predictable and boring film
The direction, screenplay,editing,music,cinematography and the dailouges hold the main role for the films failure. I serisouly didnt know why Sunil choose to grab some attention by doing things weird things The second half is just an utter waste of time, the director failed to do justice in each and every way.
No match to original (Tanu weds Manu).
Mr.Pellikoduku has neither good looks, nor appreciable qualities.He gets it totally wrong. A badly remade version of Tanu Weds Manu. Except for few funny lines and scenes in the first half, the film is total disappointment.
Forget Tanu Weds Manu was ever made and you might be able to see the funny side of it all.
The Times Of India
Mr Pellikoduku film starts with the introduction song of Sunil, which the audience can look out for a nice dance moves from this comedian-turned hero. First half of the film is filled with some funny episodes and Ali, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Ahuthi Prasad etc brings few smiles.
Director Devi Prasad tried his best to bring in originality by making some changes. First half progress well with good comedy scenes and when ever pace dipped, comedy used to erput making people get into the story.