Mr. X (2015)

Hindi Sci fi, Thriller
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Total Reviews: 33
Sahi: 4 Nahi: 29

Review Summary: Mr. X is a cheesy film that is watchable only for Emraan Hashmi's charm

Average Critic Rating: (1.92)
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Est. Budget: 40.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 19.5 CR

Plot: Mr. X is an upcoming Indian 3D thriller film directed Vikram Bhatt and written by Shagufta Rafique, while Mahesh Bhatt is producing the film. The film stars Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur, and is a modern adaptation of Mr. India.... Read more

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Lo and Behold here's yet another film from the Vikram Bhatt factory!
That one-star rating then is for courage alone
Rajeev Masand
Vikram Bhatt’s attempt at science-fiction is diluted by tacky special effects, a convoluted plot, and random lip-locks
Emirates 24X7
Take the hint: leave the man alone and steer clear of darkened halls where he is displaying his wares.
Glaring bloopers, cheesy writing and not even a smidgen of sense contribute to the hopeless mess that is Mr X
Mr X is a stupid, slow mess that could still have been made entertaining with an interesting protagonist
Tanmay Bhat struggles a lot to get into his character, but fails miserably
In his endeavour to create an invisible man, Vikram Bhatt appears to have overlooked the storyline. Wish he had paid attention to other details as well
X deserve applause for having managed the 3D and visual effects, which is something technically novel for Bolywood movie-goers.Mr X is a onetime watch for Emraan Hashmi fans who want to see their favorite hero in a completely new avatar
My only question to Mr. X was Y! Why were you made? Watch it only if you are a huge Hashmi fan.
Emraan Hashmi’s 3D sci-fi thriller is unimpressive
The production values look so outdated that it feels the film was stuck in a time capsule for years! I wish the team had looked around and understood the sensibilities of their audience in 2015!
DNA India
It's a known secret that the Bhatt camp doesn't care much about reviews, because it believes that their niche audience base doesn't care about it either.
It was Nanabhai Bhatt, the wizard behind some of the earliest cinematic magic in India, brought him to screen and the usually sedate Ashok Kumar took charge of the thriller as the invisible man
The Hindu
Raghuram soon realises that Bharadwaj is hand-in-glove with the chief minister’s son, Aditya Dutta (Jignesh Joshi), who is the mastermind behind his own father’s killing.
The 'invisible man' concept has been done in Bollywood quite a few times before
Bollywood Hungama
Watch it if you have nothing to do over the weekend!
Quick take: Good special effects but cheesy storyline
This movie is worth a watch. So make sure, you enjoy this newly released Bollywood film this weekend.
Galaxy Reporter
However, lately his choice of films hasn’t worked wonders at the box office and I won’t be surprised if that happens with Mr. X too
If none of the above, don’t bother spending your money on a 3D movie which has no reason to be 3D.
Koi Moi
This Friday, you have the invisible man movie called Mr. X starring Emraan Hashmi and the novice actress Amyra Dastur
Just Bollywood
He’ll probably need it after the drubbing that Mr X is likely to get.
First Post
Take away his face, take away his body, you cannot the kiss away from him
India Today
Same to same; Ditto! If you are an Emraan Hashmi fan, then this is for you. If not, go to COURT! Pun intended!
Glam Sham
Will become invisible very soon
Bharat Student
X, while explaining a particularly devious plan of his
India Today
It doesn’t match the level of excitement that was created before the release.
You would think, given how much Bollywood has progressed in the intervening years, that the 2015 film would beat the 1987 one at least on the technical aspects,  if not the creative ones
Mr. X is an inept, incompetent and insipid sci-fi film with an IQ level that is smaller than the size of Emraan Hashmi's shoes. Skipping it is not an option, it is a compulsion.
He’ll probably need it after the drubbing that Mr X is likely to get.
First Post
मुकेश भट्ट, महेश भट्ट.