My Name is Anthony Gonsalves (2008)

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Review Summary: MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES is a dull fare. At the box office it's a tough journey ahead for this film!

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Plot: My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves starts with a gangster and killer, Sikander ( Pawan Malhotra ), murdering someone with his gang; they bury him and flee. Then the story line drops to a young man, Anthony Gonsalves (introducing Nikhil Dwivedi ), who accepts Sikander for his father, guru, everything, since... Read more

My Name is Anthony Gonsalves - Movie Reviews

There are some films you like for the cheer they bring and the way they entertain you while keeping your mind and emotions engaged.
MY NAME IS ANTHONY GONSALVES is a dull fare. At the box office it's a tough journey ahead for this film!
Bollywood Hungama
No face for the movies
Rajeev Masand
Of the cast, Pawan Malhotra, as a benevolent ganglord, is first-rate. Debutant Dwivedi is just about tolerable like the rest of this My Name is Etc Etczz zzz zzz.
Hindustan Times 
E Niwas tries a taporification of Julius Caesar and uses the Mumbai underworld as the backdrop once again. But Uncle Bill doesn't get third time lucky.
Times of India
Overall My Name is Anthony Gonsalves is let down by a terrible script.
Now Running
While it seems unprobable, Anthony is worth a watch.
Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t seem to have too much of a bright future however if you’re up for something different its something that is a decent watch. Not a total hopeless movie however nothing too special either.
Bolly Spice
Movie Review : My Name is Anthony GonsalvesDirector : Music : Lyrics : Starring :E Niwas  Himesh Reshammiya, Pritam Chakraborty  Sameer  Nikhil Dwivedi, Amrita Rao, Mithun Chakraborty.By Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network View My Name is Anthony
Glam Sham
Hardly entertaining, it is a passing cloud...
Bharat Student
Better luck next time, Nikhil
Smash Hits
I am an unabashed fan of E. Niwas's work. Hence the impatience to see "MNIAG". This time however, the director of films like "Shool" and "Love Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega" doesn't come through. MNIAG is a film with lackluster screenplay, lackadaisical gait, a
Planet Bollywood