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Review Summary: Nee Jathaga Nenundali is a failed remake which was a total mishap due to the poor execution of a wonderful subject.

Average Critic Rating: (2.13)
Cast: Sachiin J Joshi , Nazia Hussain , Rao Ramesh , Shashank , Posani Krishna Murali , Shubhangi Latkar
Director: Jaya Ravindra
Release Date: 22 Aug 2014

Plot: The film opens by showing a large crowd waiting for Raghava Jairam(Sachiin J Joshi) – a successful singer & musician whose career is waning because of his alcohol addiction – to perform at a stage show in Goa. After nearly completing a song, he is unexpectedly interrupted by Varun(Aadarsh balakrishna), Read more

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Also, Nee Jataga Nenundaali does not have a Shraddha Kapoor to carry the film on her shoulders. By banking on Naziya who cannot act to save her life, the makers have made yet another huge blunder. Both these mistakes will cost the makers heavily as they become spokes in the wheel rather than hit-assuring strong points.
Finally, Nee Jathaga Nenundali is a failed remake which was a total mishap due to the poor execution of a wonderful subject. Perhaps it is not a subject to be attempted for a remake. But the attempt has been done and the damage is also.
Nee Jathaga Nenundali is official remake of Aashiqui 2, which itself is the free-make of A Star Is Born (1976) film. Director Jaya Ravidra didn’t experiment and made it similar to the original version even the camera angles weren’t changed. Being an intense romantic story, the film has to have good performances and chemistry between the leads, impressive dialogues and soulful music. Sadly, Nee Jathaga Nenundali had none except for the pleasing music which has been ruined with silly lyrics. The pace drops drastically in the second hour neither the climax which is supposed to be heart-wrenching looks pointless. Except very few scenes, Nee Jathaga Nenundali fails to charm the viewers.
Nee Jathaga Nenundali will kindle all the love you have for your partner. It will squeeze your heart and will also add a new meaning for sacrifice that we do for the happiness and well-being of our loved ones !!!
We know Sachin Joshi and can call him, an actor who doesn't display his emotions both off and on screen. We don't know what producer Bandla Ganesh saw in him and roped him to play the lead role but Sachin never fits the shoes of hero for this film. His performance needs emotions and right skills. Debutant Nazia Hussain is okay but her dubbing went wrong. She tried her best in proving her mettle and is just okay. Rest of the cast did decent job.
The film is an exact remake of the original Bollywood blockbuster Aashiqui 2. The first half goes about with lighter tone with elements of music, romance, some comedy and tender feelings but the second half goes intense with emotional melodrama, sentiment and strong heart feelings. Overall, this is a film which has been made well to connect with the youth and impress with its melody. However, it is many shades inferior to the original. At the box office, it would take strong publicity to score.
Those who didn't watch original may like certain extent, others gives thumbs down for Nee Jataga Nenundali.
On the whole, Ne Jataga Nenundali is no way close to the original. But what works for this film is the stunning music and superb production values. If you go in without expectations and Aashique 2 in mind, you might end up bearing this typical multiplex kind of a film.
ven average love stories sell great in market when they are musically high valued. Original ‘Aashiqui 2’ is a super hit just because of exceptional music from Jeet, Ankit and Mithoon. Thankfully, producer Bandla Ganesh Babu picked the same musical team to reinvent the pathos in our Telugu version too. A lyrically superlative ‘Aashiqui 2’ is killed here by unfavorable lyrical work from Chandrabose. Agreed that music speaks many languages, sorry not this time!
Nee Jathaga Nenundali is not recommended if you have seen Aashiqui 2. It is also not recommended to those who have not seen the original. Better watch the home edition of Aashiqui 2 than seeing this remake that is not even half of it.
Banner: Parameshwara Art Productions Producer: Bandla Ganesh Director: Ravindra Music: Ankit Tiwari Casting: Sachin Joshi, Nazia Hussain, Posani Krishna Murali, Rao Ramesh, Shubhangi Latkar, Sashank, Kasi Vishwanath, Prithvi, Ravi Varma, Anitha Chowdary and others Rating: 1.75/5.0 Story Raghav Jayaram aka RJ (Sachin Joshi) is a star singer who loses his stardom due to addiction to drinking. To earn his livelihood he starts doing stage shows and on one occasion in Goa he happens to meet Gayatri Nandana (Nazia Hussain), an aspiring singer who sings in a local bar. RJ promises to turn her into a popular singer and takes her to Hyderabad. After few hiccups he introduces her through his uncle (Rao Ramesh) music company. Both get attracted to each other and starts live in together. However scribes get after RJ and this in turn put spanners on his wish to change for good. What happens next should be enjoyed on silver screen. Performance Sachin Joshi got nothing more to express than pass as a drunkard. With bottles all around, one cannot concentrate on him. He couldn't show romantic expressions perfectly. Nazia Hussain got the looks and she performed quite OK as a debutante. Shashank put up good performances. Others like Rao Ramesh, Posani Krishna Murali, Shubhangi Latkar got limited roles to perform. Technical Production values are of high standard. Editing could have been better in the second half. Cinematography is beautiful and elevated the story. Dialogues are OK. Music is quite good and background score is excellent. Jaya Ravindra just copy pasted everything from the original. He could have tried something new in between. Plus Points Music Cinematography Minus Points Routine story No twists and turns No commercial elements Analysis Filmmakers of Aashique 2 remake selected an attractive title Nee Jathaga Nenundali from Ram Charan's hit film Yevadu. The story is nothing new and was tried and tested umpteen times right from Hollywood flick A Star is Born. Many films came and director Jaya Ravindra decided to score a hit by remaking Bollywood film. He did not try to use his creativity and just confined to copying scene after scene. Though the first half is passable, second half drags to climax. There is no message in the film to lovers but filmmakers asked them to end lives for no reason. Most of the time bottles occupied screen presence than the lead pair. Film lacks commercial elements and only lovers who have tendency to get swayed by emotions will like the film.
Nee Jathaga Nenundalli is more of a rehash than remake. Soulful music, High-end Production values and Cinematography Nee Jathaga Nenundali had its chances but the predictability, poor translation, worst performances and the pointless lyrics in the film kill them ruthlessly
This film may do well in A centres, but will not impress audiences of B, C centres