NH4 (2013)

Tamil 1 hrs 53 mins Thriller, Romance
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Review Summary: ‘NH4’ just entertains in parts and overall, it is a below average movie

Average Critic Rating: (2.57)
Cast: Siddharth , Ashrita Shetty , Kay Kay Menon
Director: Manimaran
Release Date: 19 Apr 2013

Plot: Prabhu (Siddharth) and his friends discuss the route from Bangalore to Chennai and plan to kidnap Rithika (Ashrita Shetty). Meanwhile, her dad appoints encounter specialist Manoj Menon (Kay Kay Menon) who questions Rithika's male friend Deepak (Deepak) about Prabhu. The guy claims that Prabhu is a drug addict and was Read more

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NH4 - All Reviews

Debut Heroine Asritha Shetty is charismatic in looks and is adequate in histrionics aspect.Siddharth tried his best as a massy and shrewd teenager. But his voice didn’t suit his character.and he has failed at emotional scenes.siddarth even tried to satisfy mass fans alsoSiddharth-Ananthapur gang is entertaining is in parts.
The story moves so fast that we were not able to realise that it was time for the intermission and it was the same till the end. The screen play was so taut and we were not able to move our eyes away from the screen.Although, directer could not avoid some loops hole which were neglected overseen. The movie missing Telugu nativity too.
First half of the film is promising. But the second half takes a severe beating with dragged scenes and predictable narration. The introduction scenes in the Bangalore College – love scenes between lead pair are good. But it’s after the first half the things turn around in a drastic way. Second half runs on the predictable way with snail pace narration.
This is one of those thriller type of flicks which is more like a cat and mouse chase and more road type of genre. The first half goes about with elements of comedy, romance, songs but the second half gets into a thriller mode with good twists and turns.
Manimaran should get the credits for implementing simple story into an action thriller with unique screenplay. But the screenplay turns predictable in the second half. The first half of the film is very entertaining with Siddharth’s friend Karthik’s comedy liners and romance between the leads.
Udhayam NH4 is a racy entertainer that keeps you glued to the screen.Definitely a fun way to kickstart your summer and a must-watch.
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NH4 is a mix of romance and thriller genres. This type of films are very rare and risky to make. Writer and the director have almost pulled it off. The first half is very slick and interesting. It goes haywire after the interval point. Menon grabbing Ashrita from Siddharth and vice versa aren't effective on screen.
On the whole, Siddharth’s attempt to be a angry young man is just an average affair. A slow first half and not so engaging thrills go against the film completely. Watch this film without any expectations and you would be decently entertained.
Debutant Manimaran failed to realise that an interesting plot itself will not ensure success. It needs effecient handling which includes effective screenplay, direction bringing other departments work cohesively. The plot itself is thinly laid and after few minutes, director is at loss as to what to do for the rest of the 2 hours.
The beginning of the film is good. The chasing episodes are not interesting enough. Too many twists and little substance make the second half a letdown. The plus points are Ashritha and music. The minus points are contrived screenplay in second half and lack of emotional appeal.
Siddharth tried his best as a massy and shrewd teenager. But his voice didn’t suit his character. At the same time, he failed to elevate the emotional scenes. Siddharth even tried mass steps in first song of this film. Heroine Asritha Shetty is charismatic in looks and is adequate in histrionics aspect
‘NH4’ just entertains in parts and overall, it is a below average movie. It will not enthrall fans of Siddharth too.
Screenplay runs very well in first half. The narration is very gripping till interval. The background was explained in flash cuts of flash back crisply. The technique of making the characters narrate only the part known to them and the rest by others in interesting. It brings a new feel for audience.
NH4 has a very simple story.But what makes the film work to an extent is the screenplay of the film which is pretty effective especially in the first half. It moves at a fast pace and the dialogues keeps the goings on engaging.