Naayak (2013)

Telugu 2 hrs 20 mins Drama, Action, Romance
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Average Critic Rating: (3.30)
Cast: Kajal Agarwal , Ram Charan Teja
Director: VV Vinayak
Release Date: 09 Jan 2013

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Pakka mass masala entertainer
Mega Power Star Ram Charan's magic as 'Nayak' not only has mesmerising effect on mega fans but also on other mass movie lovers. A sumptuous sankranthi treat. Box office success depends on other big releases.
This movie will have average life overseas and may have the same fate as Racha due to mass orientation and gory violence.
Go and Watch Nayak. It is definitely Cherry’s pongal treat. It is a right mix of Comedy, Action & Romance oriented movie.
Overall, Nayak is a good entertainer and will appeal to the mass audience.
NDTV Movies
It's the pot boiling paisa vasool entertainment, so your gratification levels will be directly proportional to how much intelligence you are willing to suspend.
The Times Of India
Nayak came out of monotonous storyline and has all the potential to become Sankranthi Nayak.
'Nayak' is a must watch 'Mega' entertainer blended with 'Power' packed action episodes and brilliant performance of Ram Charan.
On the whole, Naayak is a perfect Sankranthi entertainer that has the potential to rake in lots of money at the Box Office.
Commercially, ‘Naayak’ might go for a whitewash of all the opening Tollywood top records.
The movie is close to the expected levels. Don’t miss the movie in the season.
A fiery youngster, somewhere in an Andhra town, comes across as a naive, happygoing, rustic guy who swears everlasting allegiance to Nasser.  Least do we know that he has a fearsome flashback where he became the reigning super don-cum-aam admi's deity when he was in Kerala.  Now replace the harmless Simhadri in AP with a different person, who just looks like Singhamalai, who is a naughty, happy-go-lucky, trendy guy.   You have the complete story of Naayak when Simhadri joins hands with Singhamalai, who is in the danger of being awarded the death penalty by a court, apparently for killing a Minister and committing other crimes.
India Glitz
Ram Charan scores it again with perfect formulaic entertainer!!!
This is a masala film which shall hold good to the Mega Fans. 'Nayak' is an entertaining treat which shall provide success to the team.
Naayak is a sure shot sankranthi winner without a doubt
Charan would become a bigger commercial star and Vinayak gets the much needed HIT with this power-packed mass entertainer!!
Nayak is a must-watch action entertainer this Pongal.
How many of you really need me to tell you what the film is about or what it’s like? It’s just like you remember it, there’s enough insistent humor for those who don’t mind
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
Perfect dish for Pongal audience - Naayak!
First half of the movie is really entertaining with some comedy. The interval bang is too good but things become predictable since then. And as in the case of every VV Vinayak movie, the movie falls flat but the movie has all the elements required to lure the masses and fans.
Naayak is an action entertainer with all other commercial ingredients. Ram Charan Teja's electrifying performance is the main attraction in the film.
For the lovers of full meals this is another full meals package from different hotel. You have eaten it many times before but would not mind again.
Ram Charan is Cherry, a techie who works as a software engineer and his uncle, Jilebi, is Brahmanandam. Jilebi accidentally hurts the local don Gandipeta Babji (Rahul Dev). Cherry gets into the act of saving his uncle by hatching a plan, but in the process falls for Babji's sister Madhu (Kajal Agarwal)
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Ram Charan is awesome in the company of his 'Magadheera lady love,' Kajal Agarwal. Ram Charan as Siddharth Naik in the second half excels in histrionics and action scenes.
Ram Charan and VV Vinayak have a winner in their hands and the Naayak leads it’s way to glory , both in terms of success and collections.
Telugu Muchatlu
Nayak is regular commercial potboiler starts off as a regular mass movie and ends up in the same way.
Naayak is a good commerical entertainer(Translated to English)
Paisa Vasool Film
The director and the actor worked on keeping the difference between the two characters, the second one especially was a bit reserved and maintained the dignity
Ram Charan one man show in the film. Excellent dances and High voltage action sequences worked in the film comedy dances dialogues are Good Ramcharan is Different in the movie cherry and brahmanandam scens worked well timing is good
V V Vinayak delivers a hardcore commercial entertainer for the festival. If you can watch Naayak without analysing it, you will find it fun.
Rediff Movies
Overall, the Movie is good.A much needed Hit for Cherry and for Mega Power Fans’.There is enough elements of Comedy in this movie, which will not make audience feel bored.A decent flick to watch once and may be twice as well.
‘Nayak’ is an entertaining film with loads of comedy and action. The movie would have been even better had the director put little extra effort on the content and climax. Finally, the range of success depends on the competition from the future big releases.
Pakka mass masala entertainer
Great Andhra
VV Vinayak has bounced back with his grandeour direction skills. Portraying a star hero with the commercial elements, yet entertain the masses.
Naayak is a good entertainer for Sankranthi. The movie had a good mixture of action and comedy. Go and watch the movie.
Naayak is a film that is tailor-made for Ram Charan by incorporating commercial payoffs and entertainment. This film is made with the sole aim of making a hit. Hence you see lot of compromises on logics, aesthetics and finesse. The plus points are Ram Charan and entertainment (Jaya Prakash Reddy, Posani and Brahmanandam). On the flipside, the film lacks freshness and violence is a bit high. But who cares as long as it entertains? On a whole, Naayak is a film that is packed with all ingredients to become a hit and it flags off new year with success!
Idle Brain
A wholesome formula entertainer with good comedy