Naksha (2006)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Action, Adventure
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Review Summary: On the whole NAKSHA is a solid entertainer that comes at a time when there's a genuine vacuum of mass-appealing films.

Average Critic Rating: (2.40)
Cast: Sunny Deol , Vivek Oberoi , Mridula Chandrashekhar , Sudershan Sharda , Suhasini Mulay , Navni Parihar , Lilliput , Jackie Shroff , Trilok Malhotra
Director: Sachin Bajaj
Release Date: 08 Sep 2006

Plot: Naksha is a 2006 Bollywood film. The film is directed by Sachin Bajaj and stars Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, Sameera Reddy and Jackie Shroff. The role of Ria was initially offered to Amrita Rao but she declined the offer as she was filming for Vivah. Read more

Naksha - Top Reviews

On the whole NAKSHA is a solid entertainer that comes at a time when there's a genuine vacuum of mass-appealing films.
Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama
An action-adventure involving a treasure hunt, the cover for the Naksha soundtrack closely resembles the poster to Penelope Cruz-starrer Sahara.
Sukanya Verma, Rediff 
Anupama Chopra, India Today

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Naksha - All Reviews

And, going by the way it was received on its opening day, Naksha can rest in peace by Sunday.
Vipin Vijayan, Rediff 
And, Sunny Deol's fans will be more than happy to spend three hours in this film
Pankaj Shukla, Smash Hits
Throw in some catchy item numbers, a sizzling chemistry between Sunny Deol, Vivek Oberoi, fabulous locations, great camerawork, brilliant special effects woven together in an ageold Bollywood formula script. And the end result is all sound and fury signifying nothing. That's exactly what Sachin Bajaj's debut venture 'Naksha' symbolises. An excellent packaging with little content makes less sense. Maybe the director should have given a re-look to his script in the beginning before splurging on those dare devil river rafting stunts, dilapidation of the expensive sets etc.
India Glitz
However apart from all these, the film centers on an age-old mythology which involves searching for hidden treasuresThe negative force comes in the form of the mythological treasure falling into the wrong handsThe role of the heroes is to guard the legacy
Bollywood Mantra
By: Taran Adarsh, IndiaFMFriday, September 08, 2006The general impression about Naksha is, it''s a rip-off of an Indiana Jones film. The Harrison Ford trilogy, which entertained millions of moviegoers worldwide in 1980s, is said to be the original source