Namma Gramam (2014)

Tamil 2 hrs 12 mins Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (3.40)
Cast: Nishan Nanaiah , Samvrutha Sunil
Director: Mohan Sharma
Release Date: 03 Jan 2014

Namma Gramam - All Reviews

There's more to August 15th than just freedom from alien clutches and Mohan Sharma has stepped forward to throw light on one of the shaking injustices a portion of which still, sadly, prevails in the country. Taking on the helms of producer, director and a primary character in the film, Mohan Sharma brings to us a story that ends in India's independence, with 'Namma Gramam'. For those who thought historic is boring and passe, this is the film that you were probably waiting for, to change your prejudiced ideology. Taking a rustic story in an as colourful and lively screenplay as possible, Mohan Sharma has come out with a clean, involving and thought provoking entertainer.
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