OM 3D (2013)

Telugu 2 hrs 5 mins Action
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Review Summary: Om 3D is a simple revenge story narrated with lot of twists in back-and-forth screenplay. Wish it had more emotional content.

Average Critic Rating: (2.70)
Cast: Nandamuri Kalyan Ram , Kriti Kharbanda , Nikesha Patel
Director: Sunil Reddy
Release Date: 19 Jul 2013
Est. Budget: 10.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 8.0 CR

Plot: Arjun (Nandamuri Kalyan Ram) has a family. Arjun’s father is Harischandra Prasad aka Hari (Karthik). Arjun’s mother is Jothi. Hari has a younger brother named Lakshman. Hari’s business rival is Byreddy (Rao Ramesh). 1 of Hari’s friends is Ajay (Ahuti Prasad). 1 of Arjun’s friends is Joseph. Bhavani (Sampath Raj) Read more

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OM 3D - All Reviews

The movie opens with an introduction to different characters and it soon goes into flashback mode. Then follows a couple of romantic songs, few fights, car chase and comedy scenes in the first half, which is quite engaging and entertaining. Especially, a terrific twist at the interval bang is superb and accelerates its pace. The back to back twists increase its intensity in second half. The climax is also good.
Coming to analysis of the film begins off well by creating curiosity but it's not maintained throughout. The script drags greatly and tunes spoil the run a lot more. Om 3D is not a complete movie. It is not a worthy watch. Smoothly avoid this for this weekend.
The 3D aspect is purely a result of self-indulgence of the producer. Though the huge effort behind it can be appreciated, there was no substantial reason to use them. All you get to see in 3D are the glass pieces falling on you during the micro/macro blasts in the movie.
OM 3D is a treat to watch only with 3D glasses. This can be watched once for its technical work. KRam should be acknowledged for the allegiance shown to technical brilliance. Commercially, Om 3D is worth for a 2D movie and 3D heightened the budget which is impossible to recover now.
The first half of the movie moves with out any excitement. The interval bang is impressive through. The director managed to score some good marks in the second half with some good twists. But too many fights and melodrama played the spoilsport once again. You can safely give it a miss except if you want to watch India’s first 3D action film!
We have SUV spare parts, cigarette smoke, bullets, flames...all sorts of things keep popping out of the screen. The 3D effects are surprisingly well executed but for a handful of tacky graphical excesses. The filmmakers' enthusiasm for striving to stitch in an unseen cinema element into a stereotypical potboiler deserves to be appreciated nevertheless. They even packed in a non linear narrative. Hopefully the next time they will attempt a brand new story template as well.
The Times Of India
OM 3D is an out and out action movie.
When a film with a ‘not-so-brilliant’ plot is made into a 3d film, it requires some action. So, the makers have put in inane action sequences that add to the confusion. There are ample twists in the story, but the director fails to make use of them to carry the plot forward. Instead, they end up tiring the viewers. The ordeal starts right at the beginning and one ends up fazed.
Go for it to experience kind of Lavish Production values , Technical values and visual treat with very tight screenplay you will love the movie.kalyan Ram done good attempt He started New Era of Telugu Cinema , its 3D
3D concept is the main Minus for this script There is no need for 3d in this Script Except in fewscens Director Filed in Convencing Audience I felt its incomplete story Climax can be Better and Entertainment or Comedy is less Graphics /vfx can be better.
Firstly we need to appreciate Kalyan Ram for making this type of movie. He did very hard work. Well the movie is Ok but with Regular screenplay and story and bad songs it became a normal movie. For Actors performance, some good 3d effects and some twists you may watch it once. But there is nothing new in the movie.
Om 3D team has to be appreciated for it’ s hard work in case of technical aspects. But it would have been better if they had taken care of story also. 3D action episodes and twists may enthrall B and C centre audience. To experience the 3D technology and technical brilliance Om has to watched in good theatres.
Overall, Om 3D is a unique attempt in Telugu film industry as Indian cinema. Although it deals with a cliched plot, the treatment of subject with advanced technology makes the movie very special. It is a treat for action lovers as well as family audience.
The film has been presented as India’s first action film in 3D. This sounds good but then it should carry the right weight and impact onscreen when one is watching. The first half goes about with some energy but after few scenes things begin to get predictable.
OM3D is not up to the expectations that were raised with the first look trailer. However, Kalyan Ram’s effort is commendable, as he made this product with notedHollywoodtechnicians, unlike others in Tollywood. Watch ‘OM3D’ for its 3D effects, as they will provide a refreshing feel for Telugu viewers.
No 3D ,Lack of Comedy and Lack of Romance are major minus points in this film
Finally, the director concentrated much part of the film in 3d shots rather than explaining the roles. The runtime is less than 2hours and the making is clumsy in all aspects except for few scenes. This makes the film drag at many scenes and tests the patience of the audience.
Despite keeping the film to less than two hours, Om fails to keep the audience interested at any point. Climax is a big letdown and Karthik's performance made it even worse. Om has good technical values and few laudable 3D effects. Other than that this film is a total let down and one has to feel sorry for Kalyan Ram who has given his heart to this film. Director has to be blamed for such a badly made movie.
Director Sunil Reddy has concentrated more on the 3D shots, and had the director put half the focus on screenplay, Om could have been a safe project. Though there are a couple of good twists in the second half, the director fails in taking the proceedings forward. Despite just 2 hours run time, the film doesn’t fail to impress.
Overall,an average movie.It is supposed to be complete action entertainer.But entertainment is missing with heavy dosage of fight scenes.The twists and turns will be coming for every 10-15mins.The suspense will be revealed much before and later the flashback comes.So there is no fun in watching,if you already know the twist.
‘OM’ is just another loud and clichéd action drama with a very routine plot. The 3D effects do not add much value for the movie. Some good performances and one or two nice moments are just about the only things that work in this film.
Director Sunil Reddy chalked out a powerful story for Kalyan Ram. His direction and screenplay is gripping and keeps everyone interested till the last minute with twists and turns. Though one gets a feeling that they have seen similar films, the narration is novel.Though the filmmakers promoted 3D effects, they are very less and minimal in the film. If one expects 3D feast they will be in for a disappointment but surely action feast will entertain them.
The establishment of the story from climax scene created interest in the viewers. Slowly the introduction of family, heroins and then twists made story a different one. The interjected scenes added in the story are the key to film. Director made this movie in a very different way though it is his debut film. Fights are really special in the movie and with 3D effects, they are looking even more great. Comedy elements were missing. Yo can hardly laugh for two to three times through out the movie. BGM was extraordinary. The taking brought some Hollywood flavor which can be seen in fights.
This movie is definitely worth a watch and Stricly in 3D only..why wait go watch this different movie in 3D right away...
Om 3D is a simple revenge story narrated with lot of twists in back-and-forth screenplay. I wish that emotional content would have had more depth. The plus points of the film are efficient use of 3D technology and screenplay twists. On the flipside, an all-round orientation in the script would have done a lot of good to the film. On a whole, one should pat the back of Kalyan Ram for making Om 3D film with uncompromising passion and first-class 3D technology.
The 3D effects are surprisingly well executed but for a handful of tacky graphical excesses. The filmmakers' enthusiasm for striving to stitch in an unseen cinema element into a stereotypical potboiler deserves to be appreciated nevertheless. They even packed in a non linear narrative. Hopefully the next time they will attempt a brand new story template as well.
Rediff Movies
Watch It One Time if You Have Time To Burn.
Kalyan ram did well in promoting this flick but failed to analyse the story and direction. Heavy fights that disappointed. 3D effects , Massive fight scenes are nothing without a perfect plot and story line which makes OM 3D a bad experience. One more Tollywood 3D film bites the dust.
Cinematography is very good. Editing could have been much sharper. Production values are grand. Certain 3D effects have worked well, especially for the front benchers. But most of it felt rather unnecessary.
OM 3D starts off well by creating curiosity but it is not maintained throughout. The screenplay drags very much and songs spoil the run much more. Lack of comedy and over violence may shun away family viewers. However female leads are treat to watch. Nikesha Patel performed well but her dubbing should've been better. First half just passes on while the second half gets into tackling the goons and saving his father.
With a good use of 3D effects for some of the action scenes and some powerful punch dialogues, the movie will satisfy the masses. Over all the movie is worth the watch. Do not go to the movie with the expectation of your regular commercial entertainer, it is a pure revenge oriented action drama film
The movie is not reached up to the expectations at any point of time.The movie is routine and typical tollwood movie and 3D effects are also poor. Better to save your time by avoid watching this kind of movies