Onamalu (2012)

Telugu Drama, Family
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Average Critic Rating: (2.69)
Director: Malavika
Release Date: 22 Jun 2012

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Onamalu has all the qualifications of a wellmeaning film.  However, it is a drama sans the emotional crests and highs of a typical nostalgic film.  In Aa Naluguru (which has of late been a benchmark for sensible entertainment laced with a moving message), preaching was so neatly churned into the proceedings that it did not sound like moralizing.  For all the supple discoursing in Onamalu, the film does come across more as a string of creative advertisements/short programmes sponsored in public interest by the Ministry of Rural Development in the good old era of Doordarshan.  That doesn't mean that it is minus some markings of a quality Telugu film, but there is artistic naivety on display in good proportion.  Take out the evergreen Rajendra, Kranthi Madhav's earnest attempt is nothing more than a fest flick.
India Glitz
To a generation forgetting its values this ‘Onamalu’ is much needed
Great Andhra
The depreciating values of family bindings take centre-stage of the plot in Onamalu, directed by Kranthi Madhav. Onamalu touches sentiment nodes of the NRI community, who stretch far away from their roots. The story and the sequences will find most film goers, feel related to Onamalu. The narration and the screenplay of Onamalu takes a conspicuous dig at the present scenario in the society. Onamalu delivers a subtle message at every point and the under quote is to 'value human relations.' Some scenes are sure to leave an indelible mark on the viewer. Especially the scenes when an old acquaintance of Narayana Rao is admitted into an old age home by her own son, who feels that she does not fit his present social change. Narayana Rao wonders at people communicating by mobiles even when they are very near to each other is well narrated
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Analysis First half is little slow. The satires and meaningful episodes in the second half will attract you. There are certain hard realities we prefer ignoring in our real life. The director has made sure that such incidents are well presented. Onamalu is a good attempt to remind us of our roots and responsibility towards our villages. It is a clean and green film that takes us into the memory lane. And a heart-touching film that should be encouraged not just by awards, but also by revenue.
Idle Brain