One Night Stand (2016)

Hindi Thriller
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Review Summary: One Night Stand tries to tell an interesting story, but fails to translate into a watchable film

Average Critic Rating: (2.02)
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Plot: One Night Stand is an upcoming Hindi thriller film written by Bhavani Iyer and directed by Jasmine D'Souza. It features Sunny Leone, Nyra Banerjee and Tanuj Virwani in the lead roles. Principle photography was wrapped up in 55 days and filming locations include Mumbai, Bangkok and Pune.... Read more

One Night Stand - Movie Reviews

'One Night Stand', is easy on the eyes and not heavy on the heart despite the dramatic potential of the plot
Gulf News
No matter how hard the director tries to liven up the proceedings, the absence of genuine substance prevents One Night Stand from rising above the irretrievably banal.
Even with a compelling idea, One Night Stand remains singularly superficial.
Times of India
Sunny Leone is gorgeous to look at, but we know that already, and struggling to emote, which has been her bugbear in her last few outings as well
Indian Express
One Night Stand isn’t yet another tawdry skin-flick; it actually has something to say
Even with it's middle of the road approach, this edgy film on sexual flings and intimate relationships has the right ideas. Watch this and you'll be bound to giving it a nod of recognition.
Film Fare
I’m going with a generous two out of five
Rajeev Masand
Hopefully a companion film about a female stalker who won’t take no for an answer
The audio of 'One Night Stand', impresses in most departments
Glam Sham
On the whole, ONE NIGHT STAND suffers due to a weak script. It does have its moments, however at the box-office, the film will struggle fighting the competition from other big releases.
Bollywood Hungama
'One Night Stand', has the kind of music that you would hear beyond just one night
Bollywood Hungama
Watch it for complete waste of time
Box Office Capsule
बस नाम ही अच्छा है 'वन नाइट स्टैंड'
Aaj Tak
'One Night Stand', is a romantic thriller film high on erotic quotient, but claims to offer a message to the public
International Business Times
A Sunny Leone show that leaves us unimpressed!
The first half of Sunny Leone and Tanuj Virwani’s film ends with a twist!
With merits and drawbacks, ‘One Night Stand’ ultimately is average and somewhat predictable, but not boring.
'One Night Stand', is an adult drama in a contemporary and mature setting
Deccan Chronicle
Sunny Leone'€™s film is no Fatal Attraction
Hindustan Times
Performance-wise, Sunny Leone looks beautiful, as usual, but her acting skills leave much to be desired.
Box Office India
I can'€™t really recommend One Night Stand, but I think we need to acknowledge another marker in the evolution of the Hindi film heroine
Film Companion
सिर्फ सनी लियोनी के फैन्स ही देखें 'वन नाइट स्टैंड'
A paper thin story stretched over 90 mins makes this one boring. Not enough drama, sex or action. And the most abrupt ending ever.
Desi Martini
Enjoy a one night stand instead of watching this Sunny Leone starrer!
Claps N Slaps