Ongole Githa (2013)

Telugu Action, Comedy
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Average Critic Rating: (2.40)
Cast: Kriti Kharbanda , Ram Pothineni
Director: Bhaskar
Release Date: 01 Feb 2013

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If you ignore a few mistakes, you can watch this film.
‘Ongole Gitta’ lacks power and is passable
Not a must one, but can be watched once with friends for Ram's action and Bhaskar's direction.
Prakash Raj’s imposture (though overdone) remains the only consolation that could draw a few laughs
HaribabuBolineni, Chirtamala
Over All, It is a Mass Action Flick.’Mirapakay antha Ghataina Action’ with some Love tonic added.Comedy is O.K. Comedy should have been more better.It clearly showcases that this movie is made for the Mass.
Watch it for Prakashraj & Ram.
Energetic Star Ram is playing the hero in the title role, while Kruti Karbanda is playing the female lead in 'Ongole Gitta' directed by Bommarillu Bhaskar, presented by Bhogavalli Bapineedu and produced by BVSN Prasad on the banner of Sri Venkateswara Cine ChitraIndia Ltd.
Better to have ‘Red Bull’ than watch this Bull!
Director Bhaskar perhaps wanted to explore slightly different terrain from what he’s familiar with, in Ongole Githa. He’s made a mass entertainer, a product that is predictable and strenuous to watch.
Rediff Movies
Bommarillu Bhaskar is known for romantic entertains with sensible storyline infused with natural comedy and class elements. The movie deals with the masks that people wear in the society to become model citizens with a revenge sub plot. Had he made the same movie in his trademark style, it would have been an interesting watch.
Ongole Gitta is a romantic-action entertainer with all commercial ingredients to woo the mass audience. Ram and Prakash Raj's excellent performances are the main highlights of the film. GV Prakash Kumar's music, Mani Sharma's background, A Venkatesh's cinematography, Kishore Das and Raghu Babu's humour, good choreography of fights and dance sequences are its other attractions.
Overall, Ongole Gitta has wonderful performances and rich production values. But in terms of story, the movie does not offer anything great. It is a good treat for mass audience.
Director Bhaskar should have come up with strong story as he is trying to prove his mettle in Tollywood. But choosing this plain story with unsuccessful screenplay is going to beat him on the head again.
Go and Watch Ongole Gitta, If you don’t have any movie option.
Ongole Gitta can only entertain masses in B, C centres and has nothing to offer for multiplex viewers.
Cinematography is good, all the songs are well-shot in the beautiful locations. Mani Sharma’s background score is appealing. Dialogues are fine. Bhaskar’s direction is bad, while there are lots of loopholes in the screenplay.
The film went all in the masala archetype and like most of them it just turns into a restless drag when you are many scenes ahead of the characters and probably have a more vivid image than what the film’s providing.
Ongole githa is a just an average flick.
Striking Soon
Ram’s character initially was designed well and it justifies the title as the protagonist loves taking risks, challenges with loads of bravery.
Prabhu, Prakash are the senior actors who will add value to the film and the highlight being the action sequences shot in Mirchi market yard
Ram’s energy levels, Prakash Raj’s performance and Kriti Kharbandha’s beauty are the sole redeeming factors
The storyline is pretty simple. Son taking revenge for the sake of winning his father's lost respect is an old plot which is beaten to the death. Villain acting as good man in public and showing his true colors in the background is also not new
The film was touted to be a complete mass masala entertainer and the commercial elements were high. The first thirty minutes of the movie was quite engaging and looked interesting but after that things fell apart.
With a poor script and a messy screenplay Bhaskar came up with a mass entertainment for the first time, but it made him very sad with a below average entertainer.
:Ram’s energy levels, Prakash Raj’s performance and Kriti Kharbandha’s beauty are the sole redeeming factors. A poor script and a messy screenplay take a huge toll on the film.If you have time watch it
The first half of the film has nothing much to boast about, but it impresses you with a few romantic songs, fights and comedy. After the interval, the film goes into flashback mode. But the story gets struck in the second half with dragging narration.
it will surely test your patience if you go with expectations
The film sure has it's moments but it's just that it's a case of repackaging old wine in a new bottle. The newness we're afraid is just restricted to the spicing. It's stereotypical but mindless fun nevertheless.
The Times Of India
The movie story is nothing new. It is a routine revenge story with minor changes. Bhaskar had managed to get some of the commercial aspects like comedy and dances . Few good parts in the movie are overloaded with excessive Tamil flavour which makes audience uncomfortable frequently.
Director Bhaskar in an attempt to make a mass movie and appeal to universal audience has chosen a very outdated story. Its fine if he chooses an outdated story, we see many repetitive stories anyway but even the execution leaves a lot to be desired.
This Githa has no horns!
Old-fashioned storyline and unexciting screenplay results Ongole Githa as a below average fare.
The first half of the movie is okay with some comedy here and there. The actual story begins only towards the Interval bang which does nothing exciting to the already slowed down pace of the movie.
Powerful performances by Ram, Prakash raj with racy screenplay by Bhaskar but this 'Ongole Gitta' lacks required high potential.
White (Ram) is an young and fearless Mirchi trader. He operates Ongole Mirchi yard. Due to his dynamic activity, He got good following in the mirchi yard. Aadikeshavulu (Prakash Raj), Chairman of Mirchi yard, a Merciful guy.
Nothing new, If you are a movie buff, watch 'Ongole Gitta' at your leisure time or wait for a DVD (Original).