Oopiri (2013)

Telugu 1 hrs 43 mins Thriller
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Average Critic Rating: (3.39)
Cast: Seshagiri , Surabhi
Director: Edward Perej
Release Date: 01 Feb 2013

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Oopiri - All Reviews

Oopiri has the right package of emotions which will give you a sense of satisfaction having witnessed some thing different and meaningful. Critically speaking it doesn't have too many flaws. Enjoy it.
The emotional content,with engaging screenplay makes Ooprir a worth watching film this summer
Commercially, ‘Oopiri’ had all the stuff to catch the pulse of class audience and how far it reaches to masses has to be wait and seen. Congratulating the entire PVP team for their out of box thinking, Cinejosh rates ‘Oopiri’ with 3.25 stars.
Telugu Mirchi
Despite its climax which drags a bit, 'Oopiri', is a touching film, adapted well by Vamshi and ably supported by the cast
Suresh Kaviyarani, Deccan Chronicle
Must and should watcher for this weekend. Watch Oopiri Movie Trailer
I Luv Cinema
‘Oopiri’ is heart-warming drama with many soothing and highly emotional moments. Aided by class performance from the lead actors and rich visuals, the movie entertains till the end. Based on highly appreciated French film ‘The Intocuhables’, the film is an uplifting dramedy. Best adaptation of the French movie . Go for it
Telugu Cinema
Classy Feel-good Drama
Great Andhra
Oopiri is a film that’s extremely difficult to execute in Telugu. The team of Vamsi Paidipally, Nagarjuna and PVP (key decision makers of this project) have trusted it and went on to make it with full conviction. Not even a single unrelated scene was shot to satisfy the so-called commercial movie lovers. This film is little lengthy and second half appears a bit slow. But, that doesn’t take away anything from the emotional journey we experience through the film. On a whole, Oopiri is a thoroughly enjoyable emotional ride. Go for it!!
Idle Brain
Telugu Mirchi
First half is racy with good comedy and entertaining scenes revolving around human emotions. Interval block is good but Vamsi drifted a bit in the second half with unnecessary drags. However he pulled it back in time to spellbound all with powerful emotions and sentiments drawing the best from all the actors.Pre climax and climax it touching and over all Vamsi passed in distinction in endearing him to all movie lovers with a different genre film.
'Oopiri', has an interesting plot and the director has done a brilliant work in adapting it to Telugu and Tamil
Shekhar H Hooli, International Business Times
'Oopiri', is a rare film that justifies its hype
Oopiri is a bromantic comedrama that is a rare film. It comes with memorable performances, neat writing, and a deft technical texture. The second half falters a bit in terms of slow pace. But it's excusable.
'Oopiri', is a thoroughly enjoyable emotional ride
Jeevi, Idle Brain
Oopiri appeals to common audiences. If the character in the movie is smiling we are so into it that we do smile like a reflex reaction and if it sulks, we do! Still this is aptly legitimate feelings and our feelings and affection for the characters will grow through the end. The Screenplay writer-director, Vamsi took the daring decision of remaking a French movie and to have it adopted to the native tastes is not easy.
The trailers showcased Oopiri as a celebration of life and indeed, the film as a whole stands up to all its hype and hysteria. Nagarjuna’s life changing performance and Karthi’s liveliness create magic on screen and make things work big time. Though one feels that the film is majorly catered to class audience, it has the capacity to even impress the front benchers because of its universal emotions. Very rarely does one come across such a meaningful film in Telugu which holds your attention with its beautiful narration.
To sum up, Oopiri is a breath of fresh air into Telugu cinema
VikramGuru, Chirtamala
'Oopiri', sets a benchmark for adaptations in Telugu cinema and paves the way for more exciting genres
Pranita Jonnalagedda, The Times of India
To sum up, “Oopiri” is worth the wait and delivers on entertainment in a uniquely native style rendered by the director with honesty and clean narrative. The last Nagarjuna film released in 2016 grossed up above Rs.45 crores already. If this film with its positive content and resonating theme generates bigger buzz during this long weekend, it can cross that tally easily.
The opening scene between the lead actors through thestreets of Hyderabad only to fool the police by saying Nagarjuna ishaving stroke and needs a hospital