P Se PM Tak (2015)

Hindi Political
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Review Summary: Crass and poorly written, P Se PM Tak is almost unwatchable

Average Critic Rating: (1.92)
Cast: Meenakshi Dixit , Indrajeet Soni. Bharat Jadhav , Yashpal Sharma , Vedish , Chinmay Jadhav , Aanjjan Srivastav , Aakash Pandey , Deepak Shirke , Akhilendra Mishra , Mushtaq Khan , Prerna Wanvari , Upasana Singh , Virendra Saxena , Pandharinath Kamble , Aanand Kale
Director: Kundan Shah
Release Date: 29 May 2015

Plot: P Se PM Tak is a political satire. It is as dark & as grotesque as the bright comedy in it. It’s a very vitriolic and an angry take on today’s political scenario. The central idea revolves around a 200-buck prostitute, on the run and penniless. She lands up in Read more

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From absurd to annoying...the story's climax has scientists discovering a remote that can make a dead person dance and grab other people's crotch
Renuka Vyavahare, Times of India

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Evidently, this one is a mustavoid. Even if you just need a place to sleep, try the next screen
Mumbai Mirror
Honestly, P Se PM Tak is a weak satire that does not impress
Troy Ribeiro, NDTV
With a title like P Se PM Tak, the end is predictable and a foregone conclusion
Even newbie Meenakshi Dixit who is supposed to be having a good run down south doesn’t really make a mark here.
Johnson Thomas, Free Press Journal
Written and directed by the maverick Kundan Shah, P Se PM Tak will delight and provoke you in equal measure
Just Bollywood