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Review Summary: Prema Katha Chitram is a complete movie. Everyone must watch. Really worthy movie and value for money.

Average Critic Rating: (3.21)
Cast: Sudheer Babu , Nanditha , Praveen , Saptagiri
Director: J Prabhakar Reddy
Release Date: 07 Jun 2013
Est. Budget: 20.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 30.0 CR

Plot: The movie starts with Sudheer Babu (Sudheer Babu), Praveen (Praveen) and Nanditha (Nanditha) planning a combined and flawless suicide because of their failures in their respective lives. Firstly they try to fulfill their last wishes before leaving this world. Nanditha wants to steal a new car and Sudheer wants to Read more

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Most Telugu films run beyond two and a half hours, but thankfully PKC sticks to nearly a two-hour runtime and manages to entertain throughout, barring few scenes. It doesn't boast of any scenes that are neither melodramatic nor tear-jerking. It is plain entertainment laced with intermittent thrills.
Prema Katha Chitram is a complete movie. Everyone must watch. Really worthy movie and value for money.
One amazing coincidence, this is 2nd movie for both Nanditha and Sudheer Babu and both have done such wonderful job and deserve appreciation. Another little factor was the music - which was quite nice to hear and I totally enjoyed the remix of Super Star Krishna song "Vinnelaina" and totally loved "I just love you baby".
The Draupadi Vastrapaharanam scene is quite hilariously shot and the situational comedy worked well. Screenplay and dialogues along with re-recording are other assets besides the cast performances.Like several Maruthi films, this film also has few double-entrande. Despite few flaws, Prema Katha Chitram makes you glued to the screens for its right mix of horror and humor.
Surprisingly, the ploy works and turns out that there’s nothing much to complain about the overall experience. The film quite intelligently camouflages the fact that it doesn’t have a great story. It’s entertaining and has its good moments, but falls short of being a gripping film.
This film has all the ingredients to be a winner at the box office. It will appeal to all sections of audience as it is a no brainer and sheer entertainer. Prema Katha Chitram will earn some respect to Maruthi as a writer and director too. This man is here to stay!
This film has all the ingredients to be a winner at the box office. It will appeal to all sections of audience as it is a no brainer and sheer entertainer. Prema Katha Chitram will earn some respect to Maruthi as a writer and director too.
This time Maruthi attempted a thriller movie with loads of fun and entertainment. There is no too much of double meaning dialogues, some are there but he maintains some limits. Each and every episode will entertain the audience and no boring scenes. Dialogues were so good. Sudhir babu looks like very handsome in this movie and proves himself by his acting.
Prema Katha Chithram is a fun filled Scary Entertainer and the right mixture of Romance, Horror and Entertainment will surely entertain you. Go watch it for a different experience.
Made on a meagre budget of under 2 crores, Prema Katha Chithram (from the team of low-budget super hits Ee Rojullo & Bus Stop) is going to be a winner at box office for it’s thrilling/entertaining moments in second half.
Hilarious comedy scenes is the USP of the film. Maruti did well to cut down his A content which will surely increase his fan base. Word of talk from first show itself will help it immensely. The storyline is pretty ordinary but good direction helped the film. Screenplay is good.
Movie title as ‘Prema Katha Chitram’ but director is mainly focused on horror scenes then love scenes. But he succeeds in presenting both emotions well. Better movie title has to be change ‘Horror Katha Chitram’. Only second half of the movie is good. Regular movie lovers feel ok with this movie.
The story written by Maruthi has meat. The movie made under his `directorial supervision' provides some entertainment in the horror scenes. While Sudheer Babu carries himself well throughout the film, the one who grabs eyeballs is Nanditha, the girl with big eyes. She makes her `scary presence' felt, thanks also to the music that lifted very many scenes.
The Times Of India
With this film Maruhti officially takes off his title of BOOTHU filmmaker. He has once again proved that he knows pulse of today movie audiences with this flick. His intelligences can be sensed the way he perfectly clubbed horror-suspense elements into a cute love story and presenting it in an entertaining way.
Though Prabhakar Reddy directed the film, everyone waited how Maruti stamp his class as he presided over him. Surprisingly he reduced his 'A' content dramatically. Even horror content is limited and in the end a message was sent that rapists have no right to live.
Excellent performance by Sudheer Babu, his different kinds of expressions like fear and surprise The USP (unique selling point) of the film is Nandita She is very cute and her eyes are so expressive. She gave a brilliant performance in the film.She performed just with her facial expressions
Humour, Horror and Romance are base human emotions. When they are handled effectively, viewers will connect strongly to a story. The same is the case with ‘Prema Katha Chitram’. The entertaining and thrilling second half will make you happy. Don’t miss this flick.
PKC offers a one time watch satisfactory experience. As a film maker, Maruthi continues to cater the public on what they actually need? He seems to be redefining the terms of film making. Keep a bunch of minimum five to six good scenes in mind and you are ready with a successful product. He is in full swing with a dedicated and well efficient team on hand.
This film is created well and good with Romance, Horror and full of Humour, this trick may work on movie viewers, finally this film is good to watch.
The film Prema Katha Chithram, an unexpected love story, from the first look, seems like a routine youngster love-story. But even from the first scene the film establishes itself to have quite a lot of action and thriller elements, justifying its tag line.
Heroine, cinematography and re-recording are big assets for Prema katha chitram. As director Prabhakar Reddy himself has handled camera, he did a great job. Re-recording is fine without any harsh and shrill sounds which we encounter in horror movies. Nandita got a good role in her second film itself. In crisp, Prema katha chitram makes, audience stay in the theatres for two hours entertaining enough.
Overall, an excellent paisa vasool kind of a movie.A must watch entertainer.Everyone will enjoy to the Maximum.As I said, earlier,it has Horror+Humor+Romance Quotient in equal proportions.Unlike earlier Maruthi’s trade mark double meaning movies,this is quite a different flick altogether.Targetted to all the section of audiences.A,B & C centers will enjoy to the maximum.
Normally films like this solely depends on Camera work, Back ground Music and performance of the artists. This film has all these things to its perfection. So, need not to say it completely absorbs the audiences into it. The crispy editing gives silver lining to the film.
Since many go to this film without any expectations they will be surprised with the twists and turns. More than the horror which is the central plot, people will like the clean comedy.But routine climax and slow pace are the only draw backs.
Prema Katha Chitram is a Good Thriller movie with full entertainment. Some scenes are like mix of Kanchana, Chandramukhi and Aparichithudu but You will enjoy the Movie. Go and watch it.
Entertaining and shocking thriller, strongly recommended .Overall, this is a Paisa Vasool entertainer which will work with all genres of audience. At the box office, this has a big profit written all over it.
Prema Katha Chitram hits right notes. The writer has mixed horror elements and comedy perfectly. It is a simple story but told in interestingly and entertainingly. In one sentence, it is hilarious spooky thriller.
Prema Katha Chitram has good humour, spine chilling horror elements and refreshing romance to enthrall viewers. What we want more from this? A must watch flick this weekend!!
Prema Katha Chitram is a hilarious thriller and is recommendable to watch for the lead actors’ performances and the dialogues.
Though he has put himself as directorial supervisor the flavor was seen in the film making. Also, he made it a point not to get offtrack and keep the subject intact. The most important thing to note is, the subject and concept is very silly but it is the conviction and assertive nature with which it has been shaped up that the audience finds this to be an entertaining product
This film has all the ingredients to be a winner at the box office. It will appeal to all sections of audience as it is a no brainer and sheer entertainer. Prema Katha Chitram will earn some respect to Maruthi as a writer and director too. This man is here to stay!
Maruti's stamp is there on the film and though the film starts of slowly picks up momentum. Interval twist with Nandita showing different shades is the highlight in the film. Entertainment quotient is very high in the second half. If got mixture of romance, horror and comedy. You will enjoy it.
Prema Katha Chithram – Thriller with a pleasant surprise of good acting and story. Definitely an enjoyable movie.
One can see and enjoy the movie "Prema Katha Chitram". It is not dull anywhere. It is better than all high budget films released this summer. The movie promises Sudheer Babu and Nanditha a good future.