Pagal (1940)

Hindi 2 hrs 21 mins Drama
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Review Summary: A good ol'd classic!

Average Critic Rating: (2.50)
Release Date: 05 Jul 1940

Plot: Th film involves a doctor who loves a girl but marries her sister due to an unfortunate coincidence. His treatment of his wife and the girl he loves, and his own eventual deterioration into insanity forms the basis of story. Pithviraj Kapoor's was appreciated by the critics and the audience, Read more

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Noted director PN Sathya is not in fine tune for his own debut on screen. He should have taken note from Upendra debut in 1998 with 'A'. The lack of pleasant things and tight screenplay missing in this film in addition to PN Sathya not living up to the expectations the film falls below the expectations.
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