Pakhi (2018) (2018)

Hindi 1 hrs 40 mins Drama, Crime
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Plot: Based On True Events Of The Life Of A 10-Year Old, The Story Unfolds The Miseries Of The Webs Of Child Trafficking Where The World Wants To Trade Her For Marriage, Pakhi Finds Herself In The Den Of Prostitution. The Story Of A Girl Who Unfolds The Realities Of The... Read more

Pakhi (2018) - Movie Reviews

Pakhi, a young girl is sold off to a bad guy who runs a brothel. In a year, she becomes the head of the girls. Another poor girl, with a young brother and sister are sold to the same bad guy. The bad guy sells the little girl to an old man. Pakhi poisons the bad guy and all the girls escape the brothel. The production values are ghastly, the acting is hilarious and you know they wanted to make an exploitative film but did not have the cojones.
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