Panchlait (2017)

Hindi Drama
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Review Summary: 'Panchlait' is well intentioned but ultimately uninteresting cinema despite a solid cast of character artists

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Plot: Set in a rural backdrop, Panchlait tells the story of a village community called Mahato that still has no electricity. The storyline is hinged on multiple and layered social interactions and an ethereal romance brewing between the lead characters. The people in this small village lives in darkness, engrossed in... Read more

Panchlait - Movie Reviews

Based on a short story by Phanishwarnath Renu, this film attempts to bring the simple village life from 1954 to life and ends up looking fake, worse than a high-school amateur hour. Unfortunately, the ensemble cast are stellar actors. To see them over-do the we-are-simpleton-villagers act is jarring
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Only the interactions between the characters will keep you hooked
New Indian Express
An ode to Raj Kapoor and rural India
Hindustan Times
50 के दशक का गांव और थियेटर प्ले देखने वालों को पसंद आएगी पंचलैट
Aaj Tak
There’s not much room for interest here!
Free Press Journal