Patas (2015)

Telugu 2 hrs 21 mins Comedy, Crime, Action, Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (3.23)
Cast: Kalyan Ram , Shruti Sodhi
Director: Anil Ravipudi
Release Date: 23 Jan 2015

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Entertainment Guaranteed!
Nani, AP Today
Patas’ released in 350-plus screens Worldwide. Its certain to recover the investment within the first week and enters profit zone from thereafter. Kalyan Ram will be more than happy as ‘Patas’ stands as his best work post ‘Athanokkade’ and Dil Raju who acquired the distribution rights will have the last laugh.
On the whole, Patas will surely end up as Kalyan Ram’s biggest hit till date. Hero’s powerful characterization and huge doses of entertainment right throughout are major assets of the film. All those who do not mind the routine story line and are looking out for sheer fun, then this commercial potboiler should not be missed.
Patas explodes on the silver screen. It's enjoyable commercial entertainer. Just go and watch!
The post interval episode is undoubtedly the best sequence in the film and everything falls into place so well that it almost makes you want to cheer and clap
Hemanth Kumar, The Times of India
Pataas is a Paisa Vasool Entertainer. It is stuffed with all sorts of commercial elements like Comedy, Punch dialogues, hero elevation in the right proportions. Finally Kalyan Ram gets the much required success.
Kalyan Ram shows his power with Pataas.Anil Ravipudi on debut came with out and out mass entertainer. Right from the start he narrated the story with a with racy screenplay. He made up for the routine story with good comedy and mass elements.
Overall, Pataas is a one-time watch. Though it is a usual story, it has been portrayed well by Kalyan Ram, Saikumar and Shruti Sodhi. Watch, Pataas for Kalyan Ram's electrifying performance in a cop role.
Routine Story but entertaining screenplay makes patas a winner at box office(Translated from telugu)
Complete action entertainer
Venkat, Great Andhra
Pataas is an action-comedy entertainer that is redeemed by a host of comedians and good dialogues.
'Pataas' will definitely take Kalyanram to the masses and it is big step forward for the Nandamuri hero
Andhra Wishesh Editorial, Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
A commercial Potboiler with rib tickling comedy...Patas is a racy mass entertainer with an appropriate blend of comedy, action and emotion. Routine and absolutely predictable story is the major negative in Patas.
Debutant Director needs a pat for his effort in presenting routine story in appealingly different style. His relying on comedy has paid him. Though the story sounds as a routine cop entertainer, it was differently dealt. The first half was racy with introduction of characters, songs and comedy. Kalyan Ram joining hands with corrupt politicians and their settlements is fun to watch.
his venture is a good entertaining flick and is an interesting one to watch. Youngsters may get more interested to watch this venture and it will be a good treat for Nandamuri fans. After long time, we can say that Kalyan Ram came back to form. This is a good sign as per the Nandamuri family point of view.
Though the film didn’t have a great story filled with twists, it is the way the whole thing was packaged which works in totality. The first half is filled with elements of action, some romance and good dose of comedy. The interval bang was effective and the second half has its share of entertainment plus serious moments. Overall, there is good energy in the movie and it fits the bill of a commercial entertainer. At the box office, this would appeal to the masses and entertainment seekers in a good way so profits are very likely.
Kalyan Ram has made an entertaining movie with action,comedy,romance in equal proportion.The movie has rich production values.
Business Of Tollywood
'Pataas' will definitely burst the box office. A must watch for hardcore Nandamuri fans while the regular audience can give a try.
Overall, screenplay was fun packed though it has over dose of violence at places, especially brutality shown on mute girl was disturbing. This must be a reason for the film being given ‘A’ by censors. The makers should have avoided such scenes for their own benefit of fetching family crowds too. Otherwise the film has all the masala to entertain masses. It also is a befitting tribute to the comedian M.S.Narayana, who passed away on the day of the release of the movie.
This police story is total paisa vasool
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
Nothing to say much, just go watch it. You will never feel bored in those two hours.
Nandamuri Fans Patas Pandaga.
'Pataas' is a Kickass Entertainer
A good time pass film and all credit to Anil Ravipudi for sprinkling all ingredients correctly
Y Sunita Chowdhary, The Hindu
It is fast, it is entertaining and it will make you clap with joy when the hero scores a victory
S Mahesh Koneru, Releaseday
Overall, debutant Anil Ravipudi did good job with oodles of entertainment and action. With word of mouth publicity, this movie might fall into safe zone. We need to wait and watch how the audiences will receive this movie in the coming days.
Pataas is not a film that can be highly recommended, but it's a film for those who love commercial entertainers with decent material.
Kalyan Ram™s 'Patas' has enough content to click with masses and general audiences
Jeevi, Idle Brain