Pizza (2014)

Hindi Comedy
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Review Summary: An assortment of flavors, Pizza is worth a watch!

Average Critic Rating: (2.91)
Cast: Akshay Oberoi , Parvathy Omanakuttan , Dipannita Sharma , Arunoday Singh
Director: Akshay Akkineni
Release Date: 18 Jul 2014
Est. Budget: 3.1 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 4.4 CR

Plot: Michael Karthikeyan ( Vijay Sethupathi ) is a pizza delivery boy who lives with his girlfriend Anu ( Remya Nambeesan ). She is an aspiring novelist and is researching for writing a horror story, whereas Michael does not believe in supernatural powers, and is afraid of anything supernatural. Anu, keeps Read more

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Appetizer With Mix Flavours
Divya Solgama, Movie Zadda
I'm going with one out of five.
Divya Solgama, Movie Zadda

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Borrowing even scares from Kollywood, UTV Spot Boy and Getaway Films ‘Pizza’ namesake remake of 2012-Tamil stunner directed by Karthik Subbaraj has nothing lying in beneath for any ‘sixth’ sense in this said ‘supernatural’ arrangement. Thanks to its ‘differently’ peppered ketchups and its thriller helpings in the second half makes up for those creaky and unimaginative exercises to scare during the first. Though not much to ‘eerie’ about even with those 3D glasses, but certainly a ‘smart’ delivery as far as the trill factor is concern.
India Glitz
I sincerely accept 'Pizza' as a wonderful movie watching experience after a long time in this specific category of horror mixed with crime and thrills. Director Karthik Subbaraj seems to be an expert in this kind of story telling format with an unyielding screenplay and excellent push to all the instances.
Overall, Pizza has all the elements to make a perfect suspense thriller. It has good performance, intriguing and gripping narration, deft camera work, eerie sound effects and nice background score. It is surely a treat for lovers of the horror films. Don't miss it if you are the one.
Karthik Subbaraj had written a strong script, there are no unnecessary scenes in the film. He never moved the camera in the dark and got out eerie noises. He showed what real fun is like in a thriller.
The movie is said to be one of the best and finest Thriller movie. Vijay Sethupathi performance as a Pizza delivery boy is realistic. Remya Nambeesan looks neat and decent. Background score is the main highlight of the movie.
Karthik Subbaraj has done excellent job in department of direction, screenplay and he never lets you feel like he is an debutant director. Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography is excellent
We are getting to see a horror film in Telugu after a long time and the story has been told very interestingly.Go and watch ‘Pizza’ this Weekend if you want to catch a film that is impressive, genuinely intelligent and scary at the same time
A Phoonk over Kollywood's nest
Vishal Verma, India Glitz
"Pizza" is a smart and engrossing thriller released in the recent times. The screenplay is gripping and the film has exciting moments while it has explosive climax which makes you awestruck. The film is supported by a slow, but crisp screenplay
If the success of a thriller lies in bringing the filmgoer to the edge of the seat, 'Pizza' does it.
India Glitz
Telugu Mirchi
Karthik Subburaj direction is big asset to the movie. Pizza movie begin with an interesting. We can say that 'Pizza' movie has got one of the finest screenplays for a thriller film in the recent times.
Pizza movie starts of with an interesting incidents and the director has worked hard on the screenplay. We can say that 'Pizza' movie has got one of the finest screenplay for a thriller film in the recent times.
Coming up with a new wave cinema without following any formulae has been on the rise in Kollywood. This is one such product.
I Luv Cinema
With all the right ingredients and a narration that keeps one glued throughout, Pizza is entertaining and immensely watchable.
India Glitz
Mike / Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) is a middle class pizza delivery boy, lives along with his girlfriend Anu (Remya Nambeesan), A wannabe novelist who is deeply interested in ghosts and similar such other stuff. Later, Anu gets pregnant.
People say comedy is a serious business. Nowadays action is a series of strings and well-timed explosions. Romance is only as good as the chemistry you can fake on screen and moves that move you tend to repeat themselves. The list goes on. With all these
Githa Vanan, Bolly Spice
Karthik Subburaj direction is big asset to the movie. Pizza movie begin with an interesting. We can say that ‘Pizza’ movie has got one of the finest screenplays for a thriller film in the recent times.
Michael [Vijay Sethupathi] is a pizza delivery boy and Anu[ Ramya Nambeesan] is an aspiring horror-novelist, both are happily in love with each other .
It is tough to slot ‘Pizza’ into a genre. Is it a romantic thriller? Is it a horror thriller? A thriller it most definitely is and a very fine one at that. Go watch ‘Pizza’ this Friday if you want to catch a film that is impressive, genuinely intelligent and scary at the same time.
Pizza is a thriller with a beautiful twist at the end. Don’t read reviews with spoilers and don’t ask anybody for the story and climax if you want to have an enjoyable movie experience.
The film Pizza is supported by a slow, but crisp screenplay that may not engage initially, but sends chill down your spine at the later part.
At a time when lavishly mounted movies are biting the dust, Karthik Subbaraj serves up a sumptuous delight with his very first feature film, made on a budget possibly less than four times that of a big star's movie.
The Times Of India
Pizza is tasty suspense thriller, dubbed from a Tamil film with the same title. Pizza Movie Released by SK PICTURES BY SURESHKONDETI (who dubbed journey movie) Pizza Prepared by (directed ) Karthik Subbaraj
Karthik Subbaraj's debut film, Pizza, released without any fanfare, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting films made in Tamil last year. The film is so impressive that it will be remade in all the south Indian languages and in Hindi.
Rediff Movies
Pizza a super hit blockbuster was dubbed in Telugu. There has been a special preview show at prasad labs. Pizza is a thriller directed by Karthik Subbaraju starring Vijay Sethupathi and Remya Nambeesan in the main roles.
Director Karthik Subburaj came with a perfect script and executed it with perfection. He showed he has command over screenplay and direction. He is well supported by all the technical team.