Pokkiri Raja (2016)

Tamil 2 hrs 20 mins Drama, Action, Comedy
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Total Reviews: 11
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Review Summary: Pokkiri Raja has a hopeless story and nonsense screenplay

Average Critic Rating: (2.36)
Cast: Hansika Motwani , Jiiva , Sibiraj Sathyaraj
Director: Ramprakash Rayappa
Release Date: 03 Mar 2016

Plot: Sanjeevi (Jiiva) is the person with a problem of yawning. He eventually got fired from his old job and dumped by his old girlfriend Sujitha. He joins a job where he meets Raqhav (Manobala). Meanwhile,Sanjeevi meets Sunita (Hanshika Motwani) but learns a false case from his friend Mojo (Yogi Babu) Read more

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Pokkiri Raja - All Reviews

It is such constant stream of laughs in the second half make up for a first half full of yawns
M Suganth, The Times of India
There'€™s a whole lot of yawning in 'Pokkiri Raja', and thanks to how contagious they are, you should expect to yawn a lot
Sudhir Srinivasan, The Hindu
'Pokkiri Raja', tickles enough laughs and the film is a whole some entertainment in the fun fantasy genre
U Bharath, Newflicks.in
The album has exactly what you expect it to serve, a satisfying mix of energetic tracks and melodies
Siddarth Srinivas, Only Kollywood
Pokkiri Raja is a silly meaningless action comedy, says S Saraswathi.Jiiva's last film Yaan in 2014 was a disaster and the actor was expected to redeem himself with Pokkiri Raja, a film that was promoted as being a laugh riot. But the joke seems to be on the director, his ridiculous script and clumsy execution.Director Ramprakash Rayappa had previously made the exciting thriller Tamizhuku En Ondrai Azhuthavum, which had a decent run at the box office. Comedy, however, does not seem to be his str
S Saraswathi, REDIFF
'Pokkiri Raja', starts out slow to pick up an entertaining touch on the way
Source, PipingHotViews
Pokkiri Raja, which is billed as a fantasy comedy, is a missed opportunity and quite an expensive experiment at the behest of a fairly good lead cast
Source, Now Running
'Pokkiri Raja', is a good attempt on fantasy comedy and fun while it lasts
Surendhar MK, Only Kollywood
Ramprakash seemed little lost in making this comedy a fantasy, which wanders little too much without a direction
Sajid, Cinema Glitz
A hopeless story and nonsense screenplay
Source, Tharai Ticketu
This is a dreary affair, a painful one at that
Mani Prabhu, iFlickz