Poola Rangadu (2012)

Telugu Drama
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Average Critic Rating: (3.13)
Release Date: 01 Jan 2012

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Poolarangadu- Some flowers are fragrant and some plastic
Great Andhra
First half of the film has decent comedy. Second half looks a bit dragged, but the climax is well-shot. The plus points of the movie are Sunil, dances, climax flight and entertainment. On the flipside, the freshness in story and crisp screenplay would have made a lot of difference to the movie. The film has mass orientation and has all ingredients to become a minimum guarantee film. You may watch Poola Rangadu for Sunil.
Idle Brain
Ranga lives in the mortal fear of being eliminated by either Konda Reddy or Lala Goud, the dreaded rivals in Warangal, but he dares to woo the latter's daughter in order to bail himself out from a trap he has unknowingly fallen into.  Does this sound a bit illogical?  Never mind, because Veerabhadram (director) makes you forget all logic by dishing out the best laugh riot of the season.  Selling an impossibility is Poola Rangadu, with its share of rhyming dialogues (credit goes to dialoguewriter Sridhar Seepana), slapstick comedy (a bunch of cracks lifted from Vamsi's films), two rivals who are ever at each other's throats (Dev Gill and Pradeep Rawat, inspired by SS Rajamouli-style villains), a love story that pans out predictably, but which receives green signal from a reformed father sooner than expected and so forth.
India Glitz
Those who love commercial masala will love it!