Prathinidhi (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 19 mins Drama
Critics Score
Total Reviews: 8
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Average Critic Rating: (2.84)
Cast: Nara Rohith , Shubra Aiyappa
Director: Prashanth Madhav
Release Date: 25 Apr 2014

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Prathinidhi - All Reviews

This Pratinidhi leaves you thinking...
Great Andhra
Especially, Nara Rohit fans should not miss it Watch and Enjoy !
Telugu Mirchi
Prathinidhi Movie is excellent to watch
I Luv Cinema
The film does not have those spicy Tollywood ingredients that make for an entertainer
Sushil Rao, The Times of India
Though there are a few loopholes, the film is thought-provoking
Suresh Kavirayani, Deccan Chronicle
Manchi Prathinidhi (Good representative)
In a political season after disastrous Pratighatna, Prabhanjanam,_x000D_ Tollywood is back to finer political movie with Pratinidhi. A movie_x000D_ talks about issues with façade of sense, Dialogue writer Anand Ravi_x000D_ and his actor Nara Rohit complement each other with some decent_x000D_ performances in their departments, creating a less common experience_x000D_ of a movie that really lives up to the hype surrounding. On the whole,_x000D_ Prathinidhi is a different from a debutant director which has a sense_x000D_ of glister, all over it. With a proper promotion, the movie is sure to_x000D_ have plenty buyers who love movies of this magnitude of impressions.
S Koti, AP Herald
India Glitz