Psycho (2013)

Telugu 1 hrs 26 mins Thriller
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Average Critic Rating: (3.17)
Cast: Milind Gunaji , Priyanka Kothari
Director: Kishore Bhargav
Release Date: 21 Jun 2013

Psycho - All Reviews

Great Andhra
But instead of just showing the harassment and trauma a girl undergoes due to a sadistic and psychotic boyfriend, if Varma could have broadened the range and come up with a more universal subject which will appeal to every women, it would have been better Psycho is just one more RGV film which is made on a shoe string budget with his staple story, presentation and team, later being dubbed into Telugu
Telugu Mirchi
Do the majority of cinema goers like the incongruous and intolerable presentation on screen? Do they like rugged style and disturbing developments on screen? For both the questions 'NO' is the answer. Cinema is an entertainment media a creative field no doubt. But forcing the audience to watch the tiresome proceeding is not accepted. The making of this type of film 'Psycho' and other meaningless melodramas is keeping the family audience glue to television sets more and more.
India Glitz