Qissa (2015)

Hindi 1 hrs 49 mins Fantasy, Drama
96 %
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Review Summary: An incredible film, with nuanced performances, Qissa is not to be missed!

Average Critic Rating: (3.64)
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Plot: Umber Singh, a Sikh after being displaced by the partition of 1947, has three daughters. He migrates to Punjab, India. Yet when his fourth daughter is born, he raises her as a boy, Kanwar Singh, who in times becomes a truck driver. However, when Kanwar Singh is married to a... Read more

Qissa - Movie Reviews

Well, this movie is a cinematic treat for all those who love meaningful cinema. The ones feasting on international cinema will cherish this movie and will feel proud of its bold theme and fantastic performances
Moviez Adda
Provocative and complex but not easy to comprehend
I recommend that you watch the film for its unique voice
Rajeev Masand
Qissa is that rare cinematic treat that no genuine film lover should deprive himself/herself of.
Qissa movie review: Irrfan Khan film is lambent, lovely and seductive
Indian Express
A marvel of ambition, intelligence and observation veined with thoughtprovoking gender defining moments. Anup Singh’s ‘Qissa’ is an expertly odd depiction of obsession, partition and gender discrimination packed with a sweeping involving and haunting punch.
India Glitz
Irrfan, undoubtedly one of the best actors we have amidst us, owns this film with such perfect ease that going with the mood of the film, it seems like he could be born as Umber Singh in a parallel world
Irrfan and Tisca are terrific in Qissa.
DNA India
सीमित दर्शकों के लिए ये डेढ़ घंटे की फिल्म है। सिर्फ छह शहरों में लगी है तो बाकी लोग डीवीडी या डायरेक्ट-टु-होम के जरिए देख सकते हैं। अच्छे सिनेमा के दीवानों या अन्य के लिए मस्ट वॉच।_x000D_ अंबर सिंह बने इरफान की एक्टिंग यादगार है। चुग़ताई, मंटो, अमृता की...
Story of a young girl who tried to be a good man
First Post
Watch out for this Qissa and prepare to have your mind blown
The Hindu
No less impressive is Rasika Dugal, who moves from the untamed to the baffled to the eventually empathetic with minimal effort
Go for this one if you are a fan of content driven cinema!
The raw nature of this film is not meant for everyone and so watch this film if you want to see something meaningful.
Koi Moi
All our lives we try to be what we are not. Some of us lie about our sexual orientation to ourselves or to others. In one way or another every life is layered in lies.
It feels a little weird calling Qissa arthouse cinema because the film is against any sort of reductionist classification. Anup Singh’s Qissa is a powerful, haunting, well-crafted film about the fluidity of identity and sexuality
The Hindu
Anup Singh’s ‘Qissa’ is an expertly odd depiction of obsession, partition and gender discrimination packed with a sweeping involving and haunting punch
India Glitz
Qissa is a Indian-German drama film and it was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival where it won
Filmi Beat
Some of them will be forgotten and some of them will die with us
India Today
This ghost is very lonely and he's coming to get you
Hindustan Tmes
Attempt to put to rest the ghosts of the past where performances are more persuasive than the poesy direction
The Hindu
Borderline shocking and deeply effective!
Bollywood Life