Telugu 2 hrs 17 mins Comedy
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Review Summary: Run Raja guarantees good entertainment

Average Critic Rating: (3.17)
Cast: Sharwanand , Seerat Kapoor , Adivi Sesh , Sampath Raj
Director: Sujeeth Reddy
Release Date: 01 Aug 2014
Est. Budget: 4.0 CR
Est. Box Office Collection: 20.0 CR

Plot: Raja (Sharwanand) is a simple yet well off son of a vegetable vendor. He constantly keeps breaking-up with girlfriends because of his honesty. Then he meets Priya (Seerat) and they both fall in love. While this is happening with Raja, there are kidnappings of ministers in the city, in the Read more

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RUN RAJA RUN - All Reviews

Run Raja Run is a total fun ride. There is a testing period of 20 minutes at the beginning of the second half which slows down the film. Barring that the movie is totally enjoyable. Go for it!
Run Raja guarantees good entertainment
Sharwanand’s amateurish characterization in first half works against the film. In an attempt to elevate heroism, makers gave up villainy completely. This is the biggest stumbling block in the film. Save few thrill moments, fun moments, Run Raja Run is another run-of-the-mill Telugu film.
Sharwanand as Raja does a good job and has good screen presence. Newcomer Seerat Kapoor does justice to her role, while Adivi Sesh as the surprise package gives no reasons to complain. Sampath Raj and V. Jayaprakash provide able support. Music by Ghibran is pleasant.
The Hindu
Except first 20 minutes of second half, there are no big drawbacks to mention. Although not an exceptional and awe inspiring film, ‘Run Raja Run’ is definitely a run for your ticket money. Sharwa in new look, Ghibran music, Madhie camera work stood on top. From commercial point of view, metro, A and a section of B center audience are sure to love it while lower class centers might be averted.
Sharwanand who has been waiting to score a hit has made perfect comeback with Run Raja Run. Audience will enjoy watching his entertaining characterization in the movie. Debutant director Sujeeth has taken utmost care making the film entertaining with mix of romance, comedy and the suspense.
Run Raja Run is made for urban audience. This film never tried to impress all the sections of audience. So it may disappoint the viewers who are looking for action and other commercial elements. Director keeps it simple throughout the film. Despite having the backdrop of crime, Run Raja Run ends up as pure fun film.
However pre climax is good with robbers using star heroes, Tollywood and Bollywood and also sports and political celebrities. However weak climax spoiled all the good job. Sujeeth made decent debut with good entertaining elements.
The director has come up with a subject that is not only mixed with romance and entertainment but also a good dose of thriller. The first half goes around with elements of some humor, some comedy and some action. The interval bang was interesting but the second half takes a different route.
Barring top-rated stars, the film has it all. Songs, masti, romance, drama, suspense – the director has incorporated all elements labeled commercial. But his trump card is the choice of Sharwanand as the leading man. In his career’s first mass role, Sharwanand is a revelation and once again proves that he is a director’s actor.
Except for the little slump in the second half, Run Raja Run entertains to the core right from the start go. This film may be the one Sharwanand is waiting for years together. Winner of this week and enjoy it with your family.
Run Raja Run is absolutely perfect for a one time watch. The concept will steal audience's attention and keep them looking forward for more until the end of the movie
First half of the film is fun. Second half dwells into the real story. Second half is little slow compared to first half. Plus points of the film are story, direction, music, cinematography, dialogues and production values. On the flipside, a properly made second half would have done wonders to the movie. Director Sujeeth shows a lot of promise. Run Raja Run is a fun-filled crime thriller in the guise of romantic comedy. You may watch it.
Run Raja Run is one of those complete entertainers which will be embraced by the US audience,its been a while since US audience witnessed a refreshing entertainer for sure this movie has block buster written all over distributors are sure to add more centers based on the demand and reviews.
This is a romantic, thriller story and can be watched by the whole family together. Comedy quotient in the movie is good that too without any popular comedians. Sharwanand has excelled in his comic action in this movie. In the first half we feel this is a silly love story but the twist in the second half has changed the perception with which we look at the story totally. Climax of the movie is good.
Business Of Tollywood
Except few loopholes, Run Raja Run keeps you engrossed till the end with the good entertainment, breezy romance, cool music, lavish visuals and interesting characterizations
Run Raja Run is good entertainer with ample twists, turns, songs, glamour. Watchable!
Run Raja Run is a lively and spirited entertainer that offers comedy, romance and suspense in ample quantities. Catchy music, rich visuals and a charismatic hero offset a slightly mediocre second half. In the end, Run Raja Run makes for a good watch.
On the whole, Run Raja Run is a perfect comeback for Sharwanand. Though the film bogs down a bit after the interval, Sharwanand’s stylish and entertaining character, various twists and turns make this film a breezy entertainer. Recommended.
Film is very rich. UV Creations are known for their class. Production values are clearly visible on the screen. Investing so much on the richness and trusting Sarvanand and debut director has proved to be successful. Photography is at its best. Movie was shown as colourful as possible.