Race Gurram (2014)

Telugu 2 hrs 43 mins Action, Comedy, Romance
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It's the ideal Tollywood masala package loaded with the right doses of entertainment, brotherly love, and Brahmanandam
The Times of India
Watch out for Brahmi as ˜kill bill pandey™
Idle Brain
Racegurram is regular commercial entertainer with dose of comedy in the second half. Allu Arjun and Kill Bill Pandey steal the show.
We expected much more from this promising combination, but what they offered was an average comedy entertainer with a silly antagonist
Overall, Race Gurram has excellent performances by lead actors, engrossing narration and rich production values, despite lack of fresh story line. Leaving the logic a side, Race Gurram will definitely entertain the audience. There is no movie at the box office except Legend in this summer season. This is a good feast for mass as well as class who are looking for a good movie
On special focus for Bunny, he is tremendously improving as an artist with each film. May it be comic timing or effortless dances; he is emerging as the best in Mega Camp. His styling too needs a special underlining. More perfectly, Bunny and Shruti chemistry worked to the mark which made first half thoroughly entertaining. The thread of Prakash Raj as father to Shruti is definitely new. Enough of praises; watch Race Gurram without any second thoughts. Commercially, Bunny has one more Julayi on hand because Race Gurram connects equally with class and mass audience irrespective of centre disparity.
Despite the bunch of drawbacks, what makes the viewer hooked to the seats is Allu Arjun’s strong screen presence coupled with Surender's stylish execution. The stylish star tries his best to entertain with élan and succeeds too with the exuberance. Ravi Kishen is apt, but he goes over-the-top at times. Shaam was adequate too. Saloni makes a special appearance. The movie also has some Surender Reddy's regular like JP and Sayaji Shinde.
Lucky [Allu Arjun] is a jobless guy who aspires to go to US and waits for Visa. Lucky's brother Ram [Kick Shyam] is a police officer and carries the entire family responsibility. Lucky and Ram will never be in good terms and quarrel for every small reason
Andhra & Telangana Wishesh
Finally the director Surender Reddy direction was good and the film has a potential to prove its worth at box office. Race Gurram is a commercial hit with few ups and downs. On the other side Race Gurram is also a decent Family entertainer.
Director Surender Reddy came with routine story and he tried to conntect with viewers inserting comedy. Story stars off at good pace and reaches its peak with confrontation between hero and villain. However in between the pace slows down due to songs. When everyone felt that story is going no where, Brahmanandam enters and ends it in his own style.
Surender Reddy came up with his good direction skills and entertained the audience a lot with the good plot of comedy elements especially in the second half of the film. Family drama worked well with good execution and narration.The 20 minutes comedy part from comedy king Brahmi is much entertaining and is an added fuel to the success of this film. Folks can have an entertaining time with this film. Finally we can say it as a Racy Entertainer from Allu Arjun & Surender Reddy.
Race Gurram is a result of Surender Reddy’s over confidence. This Bollywood aspirant has to brush his knowledge on basics of film making. ‘Daavudaaa’ is Bunny’s echolalia in Race Gurram. Ironically, audience feel the same after watching this flick. A bad film may sometimes become a commercial hit due to star power. Do Allu Arjun has that kind of image which can turn a flop content into hit? I don’t think so.
Race Gurram is worth watching
I Luv Cinema
Watch it for Allu Arjun and Brahmanandam
AP Herald
Race Gurram is a commercial entertainer with a lot of lacking elements. A person who comes out of the theater would say that the second half is watchable and that too only for the comedy scenes by Bramhi and Ali. So Bramhanandam makes the film worth a one time watch !!!
Film opens on a note that it is going to deal with rifts between two brothers and takes a turn into a series of events resulting a battle between Hero and villains to save his brother. Though there is nothing new to offer its the treatment which made the film thoroughly enjoyable. But,Race Gurram doesn’t have any unexpected twists like Surender Reddy’s previous films. , Film opens on a note that it is going to deal with rifts between two brothers and takes a turn into a series of events resulting a battle between Hero and villains to save his brother. Though there is nothing new to offer its the treatment which made the film thoroughly enjoyable. But, Race Gurram doesn’t have any unexpected twists like Surender Reddy’s previous films.
India Glitz
RG provides perfect entertaining treat to audience this summer. Kudos to Bunny & Brahmi!! Both rocked the show.
Ram (Shyam) and Lakshman aka Lucky (Allu Arjun) are brothers where the former is a tough cop who follows rules and regulations unlike the latter who achieves anything by hook or crook. Lucky who is in plans to fly US falls in love with Spandana (Shruti Haasan) at first sight and in parallel a string rivalry goes between Ram and Shiva Reddy (Ravi Kishan), an aspiring evil politician. As Ram collects evidences against Shiva Reddy, he plans to kill the strict cop. How Lucky does get involved in this and saves his brother and family is the rest of the story.
Energetic excellent performance by Allu Arjun. Brahmanandam and Prakash Raj hillarous comedy. Racegurram must be watched on the big screen as its is good family entertainer with comedy.
For those looking out for a summer entertainer, 'Race Gurram' is the perfect movie
Great Andhra
It's good for a few good laughs and for die-hard Allu Arjun fans
The Hindu
'Race Gurram' has excellent performances by lead actors, engrossing narration and rich production values, but lacks a fresh plot
Oneindia Entertainment
A total paisa vasool flick
Deccan Chronicle
n spite of infinite silly mistakes and boring scenes, one reason prevents you from stepping out of the theater. That is Allu Arjun. Bunny has given his best to make you sit throughout the film. He slightly changed his body language to be natural as a middle class irresponsible youngster.
Go and watch it this weekend and have fun..!
The first half of the movie is average and except for the Brahmi's track, every thing is crap in the second half. But the comedy is too good that it can be a game changer for the movie's fate. Given no stiff competition, the movie is expected to rake good amounts at the box office.
Race Gurram is like a one time Race and preferred once.
'Race Gurram' is a good, light hearted summer entertainer
There is nothing new in the story and it resembles something like Tadakha. But Surender Reddy should be appreciated for making it a wonderfully knitted entertainer with all commercial elements into it. He firmly followed the trick of the trade, by making last 20 minutes of the film hilarious to the core. Brahmamandam's character entertains the audience to the fullest in climax.
'Race Gurram' is a paisa vasool entertainer that makes you feel good when you walk out of the theatre
123 Telugu
The first half of the movie is average with some good comedy tracks. The preinterval sequence is good and interval turns serious. The second half goes for a toss totally. The director fails to connect audience with his plot and goes totally wayward. However Brahmi livens up with the nonstop 20 minutes comedy. And again the climax suffers badly and ends routine. However, the high entertainment quotient is expected to mint money for the makers this summer.
In fact Brahmandam got as rousing a welcome (if not bigger) from the audiences as did Allu Arjun's introduction scene. While Bunny (as Allu Arjun is affectionately referred as) had to out run a pack of wild horses in what was a very elaborately conceived sequence. Brahmanadam just had to turn up as Kill Bill Pandey, a frustrated cop and he creamed it.
The Times Of India
With hilarious Brahmanandam's episode and Allu Arjun's energetic performance 'Race Gurram' tried to manage to complete the race
Cine Outlook
Surendar Reddy Started race for hunting box-office records
“Thammudu- Born to Win”
‘Race Gurram’ is a story of two brothers Ram (Shyam) and Lakshman AKA Lucky (Allu Arjun). Ram is a sincere police officer while Lucky is happy go lucky guy with no job in trials of US visa. Both brothers are at loggerheads because of their ego always tries to pin down other. Lucky bumps into Spandana (Shruti Haasan) and falls for her. Ram informs Spandana dad Bheem Prakash( Prakash Raj) about their affair and warns him about his brother character. Not liking it, Lucky waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on brother Ram.
Race Gurram is watchable for the little doses of heroism, bromance, and comedy.
Racegurram movie is Pakka Entertaining movie This movie will become good Commercial Hit . Overall You can Watch this movie without any Risk . This movie will be the winner of Summer Race . Iam sure You will Enjoy this movie Go and Watch this movie