Road (2010)

Hindi 2 hrs 30 mins Social, Drama
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Review Summary: MovieROAD MOVIE is more for the festival circuit and some connoisseurs of art house cinema

Average Critic Rating: (2.63)
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Plot: Arvind ( Vivek Oberoi ) and Lakshmi ( Antara Mali ) are in love and want to get married. However, Lakshmi's dad, a cop, is against their affair. Hence the two decide to elope from Delhi and travel to get married at Arvind's ancestral haveli in Rajgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan, by... Read more

Road - Movie Reviews

On the whole ROAD caters more to the city audience and would appeal to those who understand and appreciate cinema of this genre.
Bollywood Hungama
All roads lead to roam.
Producer Ram Gopal Varma's Road is a decent but flawed first attempt in the genre of road films.
Rajeev Masand
Being distinctive isn’t enough.
Vishnu has a bleak future before him. He must join his father in the family's oil business and try and boost the sales of the stinking oil in small town India. He sees his chance to escape by offering to transport a ramshackle truck with a make-shift cine
Times of India
Road Movie could have done with some similar sniping and a more fleshed-out narrative.Still, I recommend that you make time for the film. It is a stunningly shot fable that will make you smile.
ROAD MOVIE is more for the festival circuit and some connoisseurs of art house cinema who may savour it.
Bollywood Hungama
Road, Movie should be watched simply for the visuals, which I have to reiterate are superb, and also for the performances. Abhay Deol is his amazing self and really is an actor par excellence. One can only hope the film picks up on his back. Otherwise, th
Bolly Spice
In a Ram Gopal Varma film the only predictable factor is the unpredictable.
Now Running
Director : Music : Starring :Dev Benegal  Micheal Brook  Abhay Deol, Satish Kaushik, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Mohammed Faizal.Road Movie Movie Review March 6, 2010 2:10:56 PM ISTBy Martin D'Souza, Bollywood Trade News Network view ROAD MOVIE movie stills Ab
Glam Sham
One cannot but admire the beautiful captures of the virgin barren lands of Kutch and Jaisalmer by the cinematographer
Smash Hits
Abhay's Deol's Road, Movie has been reviewed by Variety magazine. It says, "Dev Benegal's aptly titled Road, Movie is a modestly amusing dramedy that is all the more pleasant for its fleeting detours into cheeky fantasy.
Road Movie is a boring journey with zilch entertainment value and well just not something that would work with the Indian audience.
Now Running
Ram Gopal Varma and his production house are usually thought of as the most innovative and inventive group of filmmakers this side of the globe. With their latest production Road they keep up their end of the bargain in making a film which is definitely d
Planet Bollywood
When Ram Gopal Varma decided to make his desi version of popular Hollywood films like Kalifornia, Duel, Breakdown and That Hitcher, he pulled in director Rajat Mukherjee to make Road starring Vivek Oberoi, Antara Mali and Manoj Bajpai. An unconventional f
Abhay Deol has one of the most enviable filmographies for a newcomer in Bollywood, full of award winning, critically acclaimed films. Most of his films are off-beat and cater to a tiny section of the audience, which explains the fact that his films have i
Amin Gani's action sequences keep you on the edge of your seat
Smash Hits
If Dev Benegal had to fill this space what would he say?
Yes, it defines the routine Bollywood norms; yes it's not the normal cinema of yore but does it strikes any chord? The answer is no.
India Glitz
, the story begins with Vishnu (abhay), a young and dynamic man who wants to go see the world but is unable to get out of the clutches of his family business of oil. Finally, he manages to sneak out in a old lorry only to realize that it is a touring cine
Bharat Student
Road, Movie depicts the road trip taken by Vishnu (Abhay Deol) - the son of an oil tradesman. He tak...
Road Movie could have done with some similar sniping and a more fleshed-out narrative